These are simply my thoughts. Please keep this in mind as your read.
We live our lives through extremes. From left to right, thought to emotion, rational to intuitive, etc.
We are faced through life with circumstances that 'push the limits'. These experiences stretch our sense of Self, our concepts of reality and our place in it All.
The more that these 'extremes' are pushed, the more we are afforded the opportunities to better Understand and Grow. A bit like stretching the essense of our True Self.
In this pushing and stretching, we experience those extremes directly involve. From love to pain to sorrow to joy, etc. And at times it 'feels' very much like we may break in this process.
Engaging those abilities of adaptation in such events, and we do in fact Grow. Even if we perceive ourselves to break in the process. We heal, one way or another.
I seek to embrace these experiences, as I long to Grow.
It is said that that which does not kill us makes us stronger. But perhaps even in death, we are in Truth made stronger and Grow.
Again, just thinking out loud.