Just as the Universe in truth reveals itself to those who quiet themselves long enough to listen, so, too, do illnesses, diseases and disorders.

Years ago, I *heard* a cure for AIDS, just by attending to what folks having to deal with that were saying, and I wrote it down and left it on my desk for months, knowing I had no outlet for it, no one to present it to who would take me seriously. It was a mathematical formula I'd realized applied to that situation at the time. About 7 months later, after so many other frustrations in trying to be heard, I just one day tore it up and threw it away.

Several years ago I attentively watched several documentaries on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and later attended to those on autism and paralyses, taking pages upon pages of notes of what I was realizing, and I could hear those disorders attempting to reveal the truth about themselves, the same way the universe goes about its own self so blatantly ever-present, yet hidden all the while from those who have forgotten how to hear.

Patients, in other words, as well as their doctors/attendees, families and environments, reveal the causes and cures of their illnesses!

Has anyone else noticed this as well?