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    Thread: DELERIUM - Music Box Opera

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      Default DELERIUM - Music Box Opera



      01. Consciousness Of Love (feat. Stef Lang)
      02. Monarch (feat. Nadina)
      03. Days Turn Into Nights (feat. Michael Logen)
      04. Chrysalis Heart (feat. Stef Lang)
      05. Light Your Light (feat. JaŽl)
      06. Raindown
      07. The Sky (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
      08. Hammer (feat. Leona Naess)
      09. Awakening (feat. Nadina)
      10. Frostbite (feat. Anna-Lynne Williams)
      11. Keyless Door (feat. Azure Ray)
      12. Music Box Opera
      13. Stargazing (feat. Angela McCluskey) +
      14. Lock Down (feat. Kristy Thirsk) *+
      15. Still Kill (feat. Leigh Nash) *+

      * Bonus Track On Physical Version
      + Bonus Track On Digital Version

      Monarch” single is available now.
      Music Box Opera release date is October 30, 2012

      Monarch Album

      Monarch Single
      This great, Supreme God of all the Gods is limited in one respect: He cannot take Himself out of you , anything or anyone else.You are the projector and the screen ...you are the movie and every player is you ....The Projector - The Bodys eyes ...the screen = the world and the universe you see...Know thy self ...

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      Hey V nice to see you again!

      I just posted a track from it on the What are you listening to thread.

      I'm a little disappointed with this album. I wasn't that keen on the Monarch single but I loved the title track which was available to download a couple of months ago. The album is very different to both - to me it's fairly generic dream pop, with a number of v forgettable, skippable tracks. This is not an album in the style or to the standard of their masterpiece Karma...it's kind of Chimera crossed with Nuages du Monde.

      There are 6 tracks I really like though and highly recommend: The Sky, Music Box Opera, Days become Nights, Chrysalis Heart, Light Your Light and Keyless Door
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