A message from Jennifer Hoffman

What is unconditional love?

It is love that is given without expectation of receiving anything in return, even love. It is love that acknowledges, accepts and appreciates all things, even those it doesn't understand. It is the love that calls us to shine our light brightly, even if no one is looking. It is the way we must love ourselves and the only kind of love we can freely share with others. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe and there is nothing about it that is weak and powerless because it is an energy, not to be confused with the emotion of love.

The word 'love' that we use when we describe our relationships with those who we want to or think should like and accept us is a third dimensional energy, so it is subject to all of the nuances, doubts and fears that are part of our 3D world. In emotional love we can be weak and vulnerable, unsure and confused. Does someone love us, should we love them, are they (or we) worthy of love? Emotions are also sourced in the past--we love according to our karma, emotional DNA, history and soul group dynamics. Emotional love is conditional and questionable; unconditional love is not.
Unconditional love has no connection with how we feel about others. Because it is 'love' we confuse it with a feeling. But if we consider it as being similar to the air we breathe, it becomes simple to understand and relate to. Air is everywhere, essential to life, used by everyone, and freely available to all. It doesn't judge, condemn, limit or criticize. It blesses and nourishes life without question. We can connect to the air or not, that's our choice, just as others can connect to us or not, and us to them, it's all a choice. But when we are consciously aware of being at this vibration, we always attract the highest aspects of the third dimension because we are at this level of vibration.

We are at our highest vibration at the level of unconditional love and when we remove the emotional connection, we are open to giving and receiving this energy. With each breath in we receive unconditional love and with each breath out we share it with the world. As the love passes through our vibrational field it blesses and elevates us. And when we give it freely to others, we allow them to share this blessing. When we take unconditional love to this level of simplicity it becomes effortless and by being conscious of this vibration we also attract all of the emotional love we desire to us.

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