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    Thread: Light and Dark

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      Quote Originally Posted by Kiran View Post
      Yes honey...makes perfect sense. Apologies about the sexual behaviour example...I really couldn't think of anything else that would show what I was getting at. Perceptions. Yes Evil/negative/wrong behaviour is one thing.....does this make them dark? In the eyes of another, say in religioius wars...both sides see themselves as being of Light, in the right.....but their behaviour is perceived as bad (as war always should be seen). Thanks for your response Rory
      Don't apologise, I totally get what you mean Yup, our perspective on 'dark' and 'light' is all quite relative isn't it, as you pointed out in the example of religious wars.

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      As a Taurus Sun afflicted with a Scorpio Moon, (for anyone in tune with astrology, both these signs are exact opposite on the zodiac), I can certainly say I know how it is to have such a duality.
      I see myself as a genuine person of light, but I have such a dark destructive side, it's scary. Recently, its been manifesting and what i can and am capable of doing sometimes scares me to pieces. But this is also something I've come to terms with - the more we understand about ourselves, the more we are armed to fight it.
      I'm a warrior of life, and as warriors, we choose what we fight for. In this case, its balance.
      All life is a choice. We find ways to co-exist with our demons and angels, or however you choose to perceive light and dark.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lion Spirit Walker View Post
      We are made up of dark matter and light energy...

      This is a great thread! Everyone's post is amazing! Very intelligent! Michael, your post, in the least amount of words, is so powerful. And I agree! DARK Matters! ;-)

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