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    Thread: Updates and changes at Mysterious Wisdom

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      is testing new status and mods
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      Arrow Updates and changes at Mysterious Wisdom

      Hey guys,

      So it's been a been a time of change here on MW and I wanted to keep you all up to date on changes, happenings and new forum toys!


      First off some staff changes. Like every other website on the interwebs, change is a fact of life and we are no different. Over the last few months, MW lost two valued staff members and it's only right we thank them for all their hard work and dedication to the board. From it's very inception to the present-day they have been there for us all and we give thanks.

      Lorri and Sean have been there helping to make this a better place from day one. Both have shown a great passion for wanting to make sure MW was always seen in the best light possible. They did this so effortlessly, so tirelessly and without question each and every day!
      We acknowledge their wonderful dedication and support over the years and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for what is all too often a heart aching and/or thankless job. While Lorri is still here sticking around, posting with us and enjoying being a member, Sean has decided to move on and we wish him all the best going forward. From all of the mods and members of MW, You guys are the best! Thank you!

      Staff Changes

      With Super-Mod title up for grabs we didnt have to look too long and hard to find a new holder. We awarded it to one of the most deserving and dedicated members of the mod squad team to date, a person who has made sure we are all kept up to date on MW happenings both on and off Mysterious Wisdom via her MW-Facebook fan support page and Twitter updates! One mod who is always there to offer a helping hand and a kind word of support. Polly (Narnia) has shown she has an un-wavering support and love for all the MW members and fellow mods, while always making sure our voice is heard outside the walls of this web forum. She has been playing the part of 'acting super mod' for a number of months now and I feel she has proven herself more than capable of taking on that oh so prestigious of titles on a full time basis.
      She takes on the role of 'Super-Moderator' of MW, my right hand and back-up should we ever need to call on her talents. Congrats Polly!
      MR B and Rory have also agreed to take on extra forums to help in the nukeing of spam and general forum modding duties.

      New forum upgrades

      Editor Updates:

      Did you ever spend the time writing the best post you ever had, making sure all the commas as in place and that there are no spelling errors or grammar mistakes? Only to then hit the 'submit' button to find your profile has been logged out as you have been still on the one page for too long?!!! Ahhh you say! MY post! it's gone!!! WHY?!! **** it anyway!
      Yes we have all been there I can tell you! I was only talking to Rory Via Twitter the other day and this very thing was happening to him... Bummer!
      Well what if we could fix it so you never lost your place within your post! Well now we have! From this point on a yellow 'Auto Saved' will show up (bottom right hand corner) of the editor window.
      What this means is every time your working on a post, it will auto update itself as you go along and should the worst happen like you were logged out or you lost your internet connection then the next time you log back in you will see a 'restore post', (bottom left corner of window) click this and voila, your post is all there waiting to be finished. Also with the new editor comes some new tools and my faves are the are pull window for resizing on the fly and a new Microsoft Word import button that helps keep all the rich text formatting that's in your word documents right into your post for simple via copy and paste function, these are cool new toys I'm sure you will agree are very useful too!

      Profile Updates:

      One thing I learned over the last few months is we all like to have our 'own space', to do things 'our way' and here on MW we have our own 'corners' our Profile pages, it's our place to hang out and be 'us'. So I was thinking we should be able to customise it how we want right? After all you may not fully like any of the board skins on offer.. I might like a fully dark and gray forum or profile page where you may go for something light and colourful given the choice. Well now you can! After some long testing with Michael, we are happy to announce that all standing members can now edit the look and feel of their own profile page how they wish! What's cool about this is you now have control on how you want 'your space' to look and who knows, if it's really cool it just may be used as a rocking full forum skin! I really hope members take this chance to create something wonderful with their space as I know some of you have asked for this before. As Michael was the tester on this, I suggest you ask him for help and support if you're running into trouble! I mean just have a look at his page! wonderful stuff indeed.

      So there you have it, MW updated with the low down on all that's changed, new and/or different.

      Till next time,

      Best regards,


      Justified & Ancient.

      Owner & Administrator

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      is curious.
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      Thank you for this great post. Although I will miss Sean's posts, all of the other information here is wonderful.
      Special congratulations go to Polly. And I am personally thrilled about the new auto-save feature. Bravo, G.T.!

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      hi and thankyou Peter for this post .. i am always one for typos and i am meticulos dependnign on the time of day at fixing them ..i must have been a grammar teacher in a past life !

      " BE PRESENT "

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      Excellent!! An editing Auto-Save feature cool ... now that works for me, you all know me and my obsessive need to edit!

      Sad to hear that our dear Sean has moved on from the forum, I will miss his encouraging posts, his fantastic DJ skills in the Musical Universal forum and his wonderfully warm, light-hearted, and yet quiet presence in the boards! I love you, my friend, always have and always will! May journey bless you!

      Everything is else is good! And as always, I will do my best to uphold the MW atmosphere as best as I can!

      Thank you for the wonderful honour!

      In Loving Memory.
      Lion Spirit Walker / September 17, 1963 - Dec 30, 2014.
      ... All with Purpose ...

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      Congrats dear Polly. And I have to agree, 'Auto-Save' is very cool and appreciated.
      Customizing your profile page is both enjoyable and a terrific way of making your page as unique as yourself. I look forward to seeing the new creations.

      Growth Through Adversity

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