Any science fiction fans on the board? I have been a fan of various SF from when I was very small, One of the first programmes I ever remember watching was Dr.Who with the then doctor Jon Pertwee who was an excellent Dr Who. (showing my age again) I love the overview of the Earth from a different perspective, but what appeals to me most is the characters who inhabit these far off lands, spaceships, spacestations. I have watched some shows from start to finish then watched them all over again each time finding something new.

Doctor Who holds a special place in my heart simply because I grew up with it, I love its new re-invention, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant are both great in the part, I am looking forward to the Christmas special and to finding out who the new doctor who will be when David quits next year.

Very recently I watched the full season of Firefly, all 14 episodes and The Serenity movie.

What an amazing show I cant believe I had not seen this before, best show I have seen since Babylon 5 (another favourite) the tagline is “9 people looking out to space and seeing different things” The backstory is great and all the characters are very likable and watchable. I found myself laughing out loud a few times the humour certainly appealed to me. The character of River is especially intriguing with her amazing mental powers and agilty, This show has kept me hooked for the last few weeks. I am a bit gutted that thats all there is maybe Joss Whedon will figure out a way to bring it back in some form.

I also love Red Dwarf, Its probably my fav Sci Fi even though its comedy, The characters are excellent, especially Holly and Kryten the best news I heard this year is that they are making 4 specials to be aired sometime in 2009. I cant wait....