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    The Road to Safety

    The night was cold and the access road was dark. Andy Rence knew both of these truths first hand: he was sitting in his stalled car watching puffs of his cold breath roll out of his mouth like the...
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    Horror and Scary Story - The Session

    The thought fluttered through her head, borne on a torrent of notes, as her mind drifted, her fingers left on autopilot. Her bow hopped and dragged across the fiddle’s strings, coaxing drones and...
  3. Dreams or reality... A True Sleeping Paralysis Experience...

    In life we have all had some strange and unexplainable experiences, encounters. Some may be pleasant and unharmful but many can leave you pondering how that happened to us and what was the reason...
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    A Real Story... 666...

    Finally, this day is over. Megan told Crissy. The past week had been pathetic for Megan; she had wanted to get rid of school as soon as she could. It was not that her teachers had given her a hard...
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