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Video blog: Accept Yourself

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I've been toying with this for a while, the idea of creating little video blogs every so often - and I finally decided to go for it. I've never spoken on front of a camera before, so it was a rather strange experience. I'm not really sure how it turned out or whether it's something I will do again. You know what it's like when listening to a recording of your own voice - it can be a little uncomfortable and you tend to pick yourself to bits. This is doubly the case when viewing a video of yourself! But I resisted the temptation to erase it and, as a measure of accepting myself (gotta walk the talk!), decided to post it anyway.



  1. Narnia's Avatar
    Awesome idea (which I'll never do .. oh lord, me and cameras ... well, let's not go there!) .... anyhoo, hey sweets I can't view your video ... says something about being private and such ... ?
  2. BlueStar's Avatar
    Is it working now? It is a bit scary doing that, but I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone. If I can do it, anyone can!
  3. Narnia's Avatar
    Yep - it is working now!! And thank you for sharing that wonderful and insightful message dearheart!!

    It is so wonderful to see you and to hear you talking!!

    ps: I will add that mantra to my waking morning mantra!!
  4. Kiran's Avatar
    Well done my darling!! Good for you and I love your words...they flow like silk and are so gentle and wise.
    I am very proud of you for taking such a big step and look forward to the next installment!
    HUGS and much much love to you Rory
  5. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I'm glad it's working. I follow a couple of blogs of folk which include the odd video message and thought it might be fun. It was initially a bit scary, but I relaxed and released...I was maybe a bit too relaxed actually, which is probably why I ended up wittering away from upwards of 10 minutes, haha. Not sure if I'm as eloquent speaking as I am writing, but thought it would be cool for you guys to see me - I am also hoping it might inspire you to do a video message as well!! Would be so cool to see you guys speaking
  6. Kiran's Avatar
    Ooh now THATS a scary thought Rory!!! hehehehe More vidoes??? Hmm....I don't think I am as brave as you honey!
    I did enjoy it though and for the record, you didn't witter
  7. God's Toy's Avatar
    Oh lord I see a trend starting now... GT's Back Yard Waffle, NOW LIVE at a PC near you!

    Goood stuff Rory! well done
  8. planetlove's Avatar

    cheers toast bravo...
    Great idea ......

    It's great to see your inner light shine ....
    the peaceful worrier and his gentle SELF SPREADING THE wisdom...

    You got that right we have to transcend the mind and go beneath that which we have created
    strip away the hell / we created and demons of this ego mind ...
    we have to be St. Michael hold our sword and strip away the ego mind we created only to find that which lies beneath...

    well said...
  9. 's Avatar
    Wow, Well done Rory, That was very cool You would not think it was the first video you have done.

    Loved the message and I agree If we could learn to ignore the stories we tell ourselves, the possibilities would be endless and the peace we would find from it would be amazing.

    Thanks for sharing, Look forward to the next video
  10. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for watching guys. It is an important topic and I think I only really scratched the surface of it. I'm more & more aware of the war we wage against ourselves and life and I've become aware of all the many ways I've waged war with myself now and in the past. Letting go and going into that state of acceptance is profoundly transformative. It also erodes the ego I think, or lessens our identification with it. Just one of the greatest keys to peace. But we have to keep remembering to do it again and again because the old conditioning and ways of operating exert a certain gravity, until eventually they dissolve (I'm imagining, anyway). Thanks again for your comments. Was a little scary at first recording myself and then posting it for all to see (silly fears about how you might be perceived!), but I'm glad I pushed through and did it
  11. little bird's Avatar
    Well done Rory! I really enjoyed that. You have a very gentle voice that is quite captivating. You can't help but listen. It's one thing to know someone through text and again through images but a whole other level of personality through videos that brings people closer to you. One day I may pluck up the courage and do one myself. Can't imagine what I'd talk about, maybe read out one of my poems. But it'll take some bravery and I'll have your bravery in mind if I take the plunge. Well done you!!
  12. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks Keira, I made the video not long after I'd meditated so I was pretty chilled - otherwise I might have been nervous and made a stuttery mess of it lol. Maybe I was too chilled, I got a weird comment on my blog from someone saying I'd hypnotised them. I assume they were joking! It does take a bit of bravery, you feel a little exposed, but I just pushed through it. Nothing to hide anymore! Look forward to seeing a little bird video sometime
  13. Lion Spirit Walker's Avatar
    Well done my dear friend. Well done.
  14. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks Michael
  15. Rana's Avatar
    i love it i love it i love it i love that is AWESOME !! when i get more courage ill do it too !! thankyou for the wisdom are very spesh (as they'd say in australia) ya xx