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by , July 11th, 2013 at 03:05 PM (1890 Views)
As I sit outside my office having my lunch, the sun shines, the sky clear and I listen to the sounds of the city. The distant constant hum of city sounds that all cities have. An alarm going off be it a car or a business. A drill from the nearby car shop going. Car horns, engines and brakes screeching as they do when its been a long dusty spell.
And then I turn my gaze skyward. Clear, pale blue, cloudless. The sun shining brightly for all its might! Three seagulls circling overhead, reminding me how near to the sea I am.
I look at my lunch in the cool white ceramic bowl. The rich mixed leaves reminding me of grass and woodlands and meadows. The joyful colours of the mixed peppers and sweetcorn (all non-GMO of course!! ), reminiscent of the sun and dandelions and cowslips in those meadows. The orange of the carrot, the flames of all the old pagan festival fires!
Just for one instant, I am no longer in the city! I am transported away to ancient woodlands, hearing the sounds of the ancestors celebrating life in every way possible!
For this one moment, this is no time, just this perfect, beautiful golden moment! I am one with everything and everybody, that ever was, is and ever will be! I am Love. I am male and female! I am child and I am adult! I am Life!
~ Lorri~ ♥ ♥ ♥