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The way home

The crimson rod

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by , July 21st, 2012 at 03:02 PM (4290 Views)
... im in an unaltered state , limbo yet functioning,neither here nor there,nor am i sad ,im happy,just plain, o..r..d..i..n..a..r..y in the most simple of ways .. paused . i and two others have made a deliberate desire to meet once a week to discuss "spirit " life/existence. we will have no predetermined ajendas only see what happens over cups of tea and muffins .. once you decide to do this as a group or as an individual the universe trully does here this intention, this classroom of yours ready for go and attends you find yourself "there"here and happlily nowhere ...the magic really does begin when you make the intention to make this focus on your personal learning and reason for being...

well the all year allergies are trully getting to me ..ive tried everything physical to relieve the symtoms from nasal sprays to steam inhalation blah blah blah ..i have an appoiintment with the allergy specialists in October 3rd so we can see what it is im allergic to im sure i have whats called the samets triad ( allergy to ibrufen,asprin,asthma) and i am starting to be allergic to salicylates in foods too ..which is probably a nasal polyp ..i dont smell or taste. energetically ? whats up my nose ? related to the 3rd eye chakra ..using sight , having insight,living intuitively,doing what it is you came here to do.assertiveness,nature,living in the now.. this course has put me in the realm of the 3d dimension,the everyday hum drum and rush of regular boring life,drive,school,home,study,sleep .... its almost over almost free from this 3rd eye suffocating regime (although i will add it is good for me in the long run) and im sure this will set me away form going down the wrong road in future where study is concerned im all aware of the universal guidance in this.

when i was a child in NZ we had a learning tool and each unit was represented by a rectangular or square shaped rod of different colours that had a number value,it also was a game where you learnt to sort of count by making a wall type thing by fitting all the rods in specific places to form the structure.i always liked the crimson rod ..representative of two .. i dont know why but i am reminded of it ... love and harmony


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    Guess we have all been there of late honey, needing reminders....receiving butt kicks LOL - got a big one of those myself this past weekend!! lol Reminding us of who we are and what we need.
    I love you