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The way home

tears of a clown

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by , March 30th, 2012 at 07:41 AM (1706 Views)
this song came to mind today and cooincides with what i am feeling right now that i couldnt place ..i feel like crying for no particular reason except i FEEL sad intuitively but no tears form .. but the sadness is real ..when i feel this way as an intuitive or for us all connected to spirit i know it is what we say ENERGETIC we are picking up on universal energy .. and today it was a deep sadness and almost major shrug of the shoulders , disappointment in the human race for the attrocities and the non learning from mistakes that are occurring ..its the PULL between those who care and want a difference and those who are unconcious ...


  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Yep.....have to agree dearest. Dramas are going on everywhere right now. If people don't dump/deal with their issues, they are being forced to! Those of us that have been through major 'dramas' in our lives already, are under threat of being dragged into others. We need to step outside of them and just observe. Sometimes, it is our just observe and acknowledge.
    I have been saying for quite some time now I have been feeling this 'sadness'....for about 7 or 8 months now in total. It is the energy is the losses of is the tears of the is us.
    Love you xxx