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The way home

waiting for migraine wisdom

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by , February 14th, 2012 at 11:51 PM (1436 Views)
Ive recently gifted myself a wonderful book by an amazing woman who is a medical Doctor as well as i would say shaman Dr. Christiane Northrup "Womens bodies womens wisdom " its big and heavy physically and loaded with wisdom .. about every aspect of a womans mind body and spirit ..with excellent real life stories form women as well as a wealth of knowledge on every subject from Vulvas to exercise for bones strength .. there isnt a subject left out. i really feel it would benefit every woman ( and also every man who shares his life and wants to understand his women innately) .
so i gifted this book as i wanted to get back in contact with my cycle by nature my connection to the energy of this universe,Earth innately .. the DR prescribed the contraception pill many years ago to manage Migraines i get monthly due to the rise and fall in hormone levels ive been getting them since i was 14 ( Migraines) . i usually skip my monthly and then get a bleed every 2nd to third month. a doctor trialled skipping it for the whole of last year which Migraine wise was successful for me in that sense.
of course i was left a little disconnected and not as in tune as i feel i should be as a spiritual being so i have embarked on taking my cycle ( in her book she says many ancient cultures call it their moon cycle which ill adopt too) into my own hands . so one month off the pill migraine and terrible neck pain back like clock work,like an old unwanted friend. Dr Northrup says that when we get in touch with our cycles and experinece pain it is un resolved experience manifesting, or an imbalance inward or physically somewhere. so ..i am embarking slowly on a journey to connect to this whatever it be ..and i want to share it with you in case you may know someone or are experiencing what i am discussing.

my Plan :

1. book in to see local naturopath within next 2 weeks
2. get iron levels checked after heavy bleed
3.look into acupuncture
4.meditate daily
5.continue chakra opening and balancing
6.journal and be creative
7. excercise

ok ..lets see what wisdom i gain over the next few weeks or months even xxx

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  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Hi honey....I have just gifted that book to my womens group after having it for many years in my collection. I agree it is a wonderful book for anyone.
    One thing I will say dearest, you could try natural hormone balancers (if you haven't already). Things like Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower (Borage) oil...all come in capsule form so easy to take. Both contain the same building blocks - precursors - to the hormones we naturally produce in our bodies. I would suggest taking at max strength (1000mg) at 2 or 3 capsules per day and see how you go. It can take a month ot two to really kick in but worth a try.
    Much love to you Rana.
  2. Rana's Avatar
    Hi Lorri and thankyou for your wisdom evening primrose doesnt agree with this system but im interested in starflower (Borage oil) and will enquire into it on thursday when i will be at the health food shop. im feeling a energy release the last couple days as my hormones settle in .. im drinking chammomile tea and also rasberry leaf which i ahve found beneficial. my meditations and affirmations have been a huge help ive found the want for self reflection more these last few days and the need and desire to be alone in silence and on the other hand be surrounded by people ..which highlights the duality of me which is lovely and i remember this Rana . xxxx love to you Lorri
  3. Kiran's Avatar
    Hey honey....Yes the Starflower oil has similar benefits to Evening Primrose Oil so should help you.
    Love to you too sweetie xxxx
  4. Rana's Avatar
    the migraine wisdom is filtering in among avariety of emotions,body twinges,energy surges,some insomnia,an increase in my already hyper charge but most rewarding reconnecting to my source within on a deeper level i understand ad remember i now know when my migraines began .... when i chose to close my channelling on a concious level for so may human reasons. . i have this month become in sync with the moon with my cycle .. i didnt get a migraine but experienced everything else building up to it as well as a strong and painful headache. i have meditated upon this last night and i am told it would benefit me to channell on some level at this time ill see what arises. im left with the stiffest of necks today and im a little sensitive and emotional .. which replaced last months anxiety, moodiness and hate everyone feelings and feel sorry for myself as well as demand matts attention and love ( Poor me syndrome) Lorri Evening primrose is blending on wonderfully with this cycle thankyou my dear friend. so ill continue through this amazing time being in sync with my moon cycle as DR. Christine Northrup calls it wisely and connect to my inner wisdom. xxx oh and im feeling alot of LOVE unconditionally in surges xxx
  5. Kiran's Avatar
    (((((((HUGS)))))))) xxx
  6. Rana's Avatar
    my menstrual cycle is now intune with the moon ..felt very powerful last moon and yes creative .. a deep sense of old ..and some anxiety i couldnt yet place ..even some supressed anger moments.. ive been craving ncertain foods with this ..cucumber , avacado and the occasional sweet .im breathing deeper than before also . spirit activity around me has increased.
  7. Rana's Avatar
    a friend and i decided after work tuesday we would cleanse our auras with a walk ont he beach in town ..we pulled up the work pannts to the knees and walked in the ocean was so nice and refreshing we talked about all sorts of things .. while looking out to the beautiful expanse of the ocean in Lorne .. of course when one makes a concious choice to cleanse .. the aura things can arise as has done with me .. and in perspective is alright i needed the reality check im building some sort of odd cold affecting my eyes with a burning and i have the oddest feeling in my stomach area etc ... ill flow with it and allow my body to speak to me about what it is energetically and spiritually i require to do my homework xx