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The way home

..dry your eyes ..

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by , January 2nd, 2012 at 12:50 PM (1772 Views)


  1. Rana's Avatar
    had an intense session with Wayne the healer after one of the hardest emotional times of my inner life .. its good bye party girl ( hence soul mate dry your eyes ) ill refer to HER in the 2nd because this entity ive out grown ..she served me well through many hard years,helped me cope with the fear and sadness of my parents breakup , the deep drama of my turmultuous teenage relationship , shared many shots over some amazing music while covered in black mascara smudged tears,choked with the seriousness of a life i once couldnt comprehend and failed to catch up to at every stage, comforted me when i was very alone , rocked me when my first baby slept , when my life took a different direction bringing all at once freedom and the most **** scared ive ever been in this life, allowed escape when the dark shadows of despair and hopelessness found me , allowed me to momentarily forget ..step out for a while , allowed a voice when i wasnt heard .. but i can do it alone now party girl .. i really think i have a chance .. life caught me up and im no longer running to stand still babe ... thankyou for being there for me thru it all ..ill not forget you ... we are be all means soul mates .. xxx good bye
  2. Kiran's Avatar
    We all have fractured soul parts honey....bringing them all back into balance and together is key to our healing. Thank you dearest Rana for sharing this with us. I know how hard you have worked. I love you xx
    Updated January 3rd, 2012 at 10:05 AM by Kiran
  3. seadragon's Avatar
    Love, Bless and Release.....Peace xxx
  4. Rana's Avatar
    thanx xx time heals everything
  5. Lion Spirit Walker's Avatar
    Growth dear angel. An endless journey..
    Peace my very dear friend.