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Increased Volume

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by , December 12th, 2011 at 04:38 PM (1650 Views)
As the energy shifts and changes around me I often find that it seems to affect my hearing the most. Sometimes I find things so quiet, I have to strain to hear them. This is ok with me as I prefer the quiet. it gives me time to retreat inward and reflect on what is going on.
At other times, like today, it seems the volume has been turned up!! It appears every little noise is heard and working in an office with 9 other people, all talking behind me, copiers and printers going, does have a tendency to grate on the nerves! Especially as I am on Reception and have to answer the phone! I can barely hear the person on the phone over the noise!!
Normally when this occurs, I can pop the earphones on and listen to some lovely music. Unfortunately, this time of year, colleagues are trying to finish up to travel for the holidays, people we work with are trying to do the same.
My head feels like it wants to run away and hide lol
This also seems to affect my writing...sheesh....I have had to correct almost every word I have written here and my general thinking faculties!
Oh well...almost home time and some peace and quiet once again (I hope!).
May you have a peaceful day and week.


  1. Anjou's Avatar
    Every word of this hits home with me. Sometimes the general noise (of "civilised" life, I suppose) can be overwhelming. I often leave work, or a public gathering, or a shopping centre with a strong desire for quiet. It tends to disrupt one's other mental faculties.
  2. Kiran's Avatar
    Yep it does dearest. Just at times it kind of drives me nuts!!! lol