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The way home

bones are aligned

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by , November 2nd, 2011 at 12:29 AM (1127 Views)
im feeling an amazing HAPPINESS surge ..and another "clearing out " ..loving life and nature ... im going to Waynes retreat in about 3 weeks with a couple of friends in the Ottways just inland from here .. i know it will be one of beauty and change ..this light is reemerging and is ready to fly high me


  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Enjoy dearest!!!
  2. Rana's Avatar
    received waynes pre retreat letter detailign what to bring bedding wise and directions, as well as mentioning that some of us may experience energy changes etc, this i am feeling in all ways which i suppose is as always good for me, except some body discomforts. so im a lil bit nervous at this point as the retreat is this friday but i know the nerves are meant to be of sorts.