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Positive vibes

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by , November 1st, 2011 at 08:02 PM (2174 Views)
I met with my ladies last week after having had a break for a few weeks and we have had 5 new members coming along to join us.
The ladies finally decided on a name for the group after a year of meeting - Positive Vibes!!
I love it!!
They all spoke and introduced themselves to the newer ladies and added a bit about why they come along....they were all so positive and supportive, it brought tears to my eyes.
After having had a low couple of days myself, we ended the group with what we thought would be a guided meditation (which I lead) and two of the ladies got a fit of giggles which set everyone else off!!
What a mass clearing of energy took place with the laughter that followed!! WOW!!
I feel so privileged to be witnessing this change in direction for these fantastic women!!


  1. Rana's Avatar
    thats so cool .... you ARE the healer
  2. Kiran's Avatar
    Thank you dearest