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The way home

"this little piggy went to market,this little piggy stayed home "

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by , October 22nd, 2011 at 12:31 PM (1489 Views)
ive been focusing on the physical for a while . bringing awareness and balance to the others i spent way too much time on (mind and spirit) . I did what i was directed inwardly towards ( Sandra Cabot liver cleansing book , Polycystic ovarian syndrome book from the foundation , Edgar Cayce appraoch to healing , eating with balance and 45 minute vigorous walk every day unless i dont feel up to it ) i also quit my social smoking habit after doing the Quit program at work and went on the medication Champix to do so and havent had a cigarette for 9 months now ( id tried all the rest without too much luck for me so ..).have built the cardio up ,lost 10 kilos ,cut all unatural sugars out and are beginning to feel amazing physically. this coincided with the visits to an amazing man who not only is a psycholigist who went thru his own awakening years ago but practices shamanic healing Wayne Linton. so along the way we unblocked the mental and spiritual barriors from all dimensions of my lives to allow total healing to happen on the many levels. i felt totally guided. of course it will take me time to snuggle into the groove id set up for myself over years of laziness ill admit to on the physical part , for the rhythum to absorb but the others are beginning to shine (mind and spirit) because i allowed balance.

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  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Good for you dearest!!! Much love
  2. Lion Spirit Walker's Avatar
    Right On! Your an inspiration. Ty for sharing.