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The way home

Sticky bows and clean shoes

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by , June 15th, 2011 at 04:44 AM (1175 Views)
when i was a child being invited to birthday parties alway excited me,the thought of party food,pass the parcel,freeze dance,balloons and streamers,what will the cake look like ! (of course in my day only home made noone baked on the buy scale ) . my presents were always silver paper and stick on bows , and mum would yell " get the clean shoes out " . harrh this thought made e laugh when i sat down knowing i wanted to write something bcause im "feeling" a little "twinge" i cant pin point and this was it . of course as life progresses things can get complicated ..but i realise the "gift" to ourselves on the path of self healing,the path to happiness.when friends have difficulties and i cant help byond what i have to offer i always say find the way, get councelling,start a course,go for a walk,get a meditation book whatever a new cd, i get " oh havent got the time, cant afford it " then i realise they arent ready ,they arent willing to give them self the gift ....or for me " the sticky bows and clean shoes treatment" to get that birthday party as a child feeling.. i am and it feels empowering, i feel grace in my life. like every kids party ther are tears,dropped icecreams and disappointment when they get tired, but we rest and head and start the next day bright eyed and happy waiting for thenext invite... so my message is send your self a gift invitation ... a gift to heal ....


  1. Kiran's Avatar
    This is so true Rana.....thank you for sharing honey. I think when any of us make an excuse or something for not doing one thing or the other, we aren't ready as you said.