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The way home

.. manifesto magnifico !

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.. have had a dull spontaneous ache in the left sided, right upper yet inner part of the chest (just to be specific for no specific reason except i feel compelled to say ) .. so for me .. because i have no injury external respiratory complaints see it as a universal posta note ..a "manifest" .. in the chest region ..not directly related to my heart but in the vacinity of : my universal diagnosis of this is : as it is in the heart chakra region it has to do with receiving love wholy into my being accepting that the love i receive is real and i am deserving of his love in any state of me.. i affirm " i am accepting love.. i am trully loved xxx


  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Yes you are loved dearest....always
  2. Anjou's Avatar
    Powerful emotions, shared through powerful language... I can truly sense the love that you feel. Thank you for passing it along, for your reach is far.
  3. Rana's Avatar
    thankyou .. my friends xxx