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The way home

being lost by someone who was just found

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by , April 29th, 2011 at 04:26 PM (314 Views)
.. our nephews have been lost to us for 10 years for private reasons ..he only just found and connected to me for what seemed like a moment in my time ..and now he became lost again .. cant express what i feel about this ..


  1. Anjou's Avatar
    Until you are found again (and are able to reconnect), I hope that you can cherish that special moment in time, no matter how brief it was. Our individual lives have many connections to others: some strong; some fragile; some permanent; some temporary; some deep; some shallow. We do not always know how secure an individual connection might be, so we need to try to make the most of each when we feel it.
  2. Rana's Avatar
    thankyou. this is so true. i will certainly back track and hold that feeling dear into my eart and allow to to grow once again.