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The way home

I was and now i am.

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by , March 31st, 2011 at 04:52 PM (614 Views)
.. for many many years when asked who are you ? i was able to give a reasonable answer to quench the curiosity of the enquirers but on reflection then i was unable to give a positive answer to myself. i have always known who i was on an energetic level that luckily enough was always first and louder.but it was the duality of me that offered confusion to thought (mine). how to live in this world from an inward eye ? with all the chaotic distractions,with ever changing environments with characters i myself wrote into my karmic play of this life (forever realising from them ,my mirror selves that i too had lead many chaotic lives in my past lives) . for the last few weeks as I as spirit sit and contemplate this body,this character i have created i realise i have created the environment in which this spirit can best learn , surrounded myself with people that mirror my developing awareness of the physical. are better able to (and forever learning) manage the personality traits of this lifetime and its ego. I am not the instrument in which i live . I am RANA. spirit .

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    I love this!!