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Polemics and I (Prologue)

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I was looking at Sean’s post “Windows of the Mind” and it got me thinking…it’s about time I reprogrammed my brain! Looking back at my life, though most people say that I am way too young to use that statement, there are a lot of things that I could have done differently. A lot more I should have done but I didn’t. And even more that I did and should not have done. I just reread that statement. Everyone has a bit of all that. It is part of life as the learning process it is. But isn’t it also a goal in life to improve those statistics?

This might come as a surprise to most those who know me but my life hasn’t been all peachy as I may be making it seem. I’ve had quite a rough one. This is not a whine about my having had such a rough life, neither am I complaining. It has all been a forum for my learning (so to speak). At 23, I have a good job. I rely on myself. I am completely independent. I have good friends. I have the MW family. I look back and realize that I would not have all of this if it wasn’t for all the sh** I have been through and all the good stuff too.

I need to get my mind upgraded to Windows 7…anyone know how to do that…let me know.

In time, you will all get to know the real me. What makes me tick…among other things. This is just a prologue to the more comprehensive posts I have been working on for a while now.
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  1. 's Avatar
    A wonderful first blog post Tony. We all have paths we wish we had or had not chosen but like you say at the end of the day it makes us who we are.. all we can do is strive to better ourselves throughout our short time on this spinning rock.

    How to upgrade to yourself to windows 7? with one small step at a time like climbing Kilimanjaro Just small positive changes, a new challenge or goal in life weather materialistic or spiritual will lead to a change in ourselves.

    This place and the good people with thier wealth or knowledge and compassion is a wonderful place to start.

    I wish you well on your journey my friend
  2. Kiran's Avatar
    Nice blog Tony As Sean has said here...its about learning to change the script. Most of us are a lot older in life before we realise this (or circumstances may be such that its safer at that time to remain as we are) so the fact you are coming to this realisation now, means you will get there sooner honey, I hope
    Learning and sharing together is also a safe and comfortable way to do that and if it wasn't for many of the people I have met here (some I have known for several years in other guises) I might not be where I am now.
    In regard to having crap go on in our lives, I am right there with you in what you said, if I hadn't had the crap, I wouldn't recognise the god stuff and appreciate it when it happens
    Much love and hugs
  3. Lion Spirit Walker's Avatar
    Right On!!!
    Well done Anthony.
  4. BlueStar's Avatar
    Great to see you writing a blog Tony! I think we can all relate to your words. It's wonderful to be able to say that in spite of all the tough stuff that life has thrown at you, it has made you who you are and brought you to a place where you clearly have the wisdom to appreciate that and to shine a light for others. That is true alchemy - turning the base metal of life (and the hardships and pain) into gold (greater awareness, compassion and inspiration!)
  5. inutero's Avatar
    Very well said Tony. I look forward to being a part of your journey through your posts. Live/Learn/Become