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  1. bones are aligned

    by , November 2nd, 2011 at 01:29 AM (The way home)
    im feeling an amazing HAPPINESS surge ..and another "clearing out " ..loving life and nature ... im going to Waynes retreat in about 3 weeks with a couple of friends in the Ottways just inland from here .. i know it will be one of beauty and change ..this light is reemerging and is ready to fly high me
  2. Positive vibes

    I met with my ladies last week after having had a break for a few weeks and we have had 5 new members coming along to join us.
    The ladies finally decided on a name for the group after a year of meeting - Positive Vibes!!
    I love it!!
    They all spoke and introduced themselves to the newer ladies and added a bit about why they come along....they were all so positive and supportive, it brought tears to my eyes.
    After having had a low couple of days myself, we ended the ...
  3. Samhain/Halloween and Rememberance

    As the many societies prepares to celebrate Halloween, party and have fun, watching the children going treat or treating, it is also a time of reflection. A time to remember those who have gone before.
    Today would have been my mother's 81st birthday. She has been physically gone now for almost 16 years, my sister is almost 8 years gone and my brother is 5 years gone. Today I remember those who have left the physical world remembering that while I am the only one of my family left, I have ...
  4. Love

    To Love and be Loved Is the Greatest Gift of All.

    What does this mean? Become Love. Not silly, petty, unstable romantic love but Unconditional, Universal True Love. Allow your Self to be Love. This means leaving Ego behind. Leaving behind opinions and thoughts. Just being Love.

    Would you give all you own to someone who has nothing?
    Would you bring a homeless person into your home and feed them?
    Would you hold someone in pain and tell them you love ...
  5. "this little piggy went to market,this little piggy stayed home "

    by , October 22nd, 2011 at 01:31 PM (The way home)
    ive been focusing on the physical for a while . bringing awareness and balance to the others i spent way too much time on (mind and spirit) . I did what i was directed inwardly towards ( Sandra Cabot liver cleansing book , Polycystic ovarian syndrome book from the foundation , Edgar Cayce appraoch to healing , eating with balance and 45 minute vigorous walk every day unless i dont feel up to it ) i also quit my social smoking habit after doing the Quit program at work and went on the medication ...

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