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  1. Back to work!

    I awoke this morning to a cough and heavy cold again! body is seriously detoxing right now but its all good! Just have to get over the yukky bit now before going back to work on Monday....groan....I have so enjoyed my time off but it went by so quickly!
    Well new start as I said earlier so I need to see what I have to do differently this year!
  2. Fresh Start!

    I always have been one of those people who love January and I love Mondays! I always saw them as a fresh start...if it has been a bad week or something, its a new beginning, a chance to start over. I see january the same way. If you have had a particularly trying time, its a new start, new year!
    Hmm...this year in particular is going to bring the winds of change for all of us.
    Its a case of hang on to your knickers....or your hat...whichever you prefer....and enjoy the ride! ...
  3. New Year, New Boards, New Thoughts.

    by , January 2nd, 2010 at 06:16 AM (International Misfit Ramblings)
    I just got home from work to see the new board layout, and I am not going to lie, I will have to get used to it. But I will also have to say I am in excitement over the idea of having a Blog right here on MW.. this is totally a revolutionary and I look forward to reading deeper into the thoughts of my fellows Mysterious bloggers. Yes! Peter totally gets cookies for this. Did I mention Peter should get lots of cookies for this? So while someone is doing that *Gives Peter virtual cookies*, I decided ...

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  4. private blog test.

    This is a private blog test,, you may only read this if you are on my friends list or a mod of MW.
  5. Test:

    Day one of MW2.0

    Well this is a test of the Blogging software.

    If your reading this then it's working!

    Please Comment!
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