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The way home

... we have entered the last stage of this existence ..of learning ..understanding and gaining knowledge ..we stand now upon a great path ..because the end can be seen clearly .
It is time to realise if not already ones purpose and to execute the way of which you have been uniquely blessed ..and allow it to resonate ; for when we all live with purpose .. the light will be so bright .. if you are searching then use all in your power to connect to this purpose meditate , initiate ,rearrange ,change .. you shall know because you shall feel deep inner happiness and fulfilled .. you deserve nothing less than your truth .

  1. the train

    by , July 29th, 2014 at 08:22 PM (The way home)
    hey. its been a long while time wise .. but believe me it feels just like yesterday my life was turned on its head. I'm still battling depression .. its debilitating .. even looking at that profile pic of when i thought everything was perfect makes me cry right now . Rana i knew has feeling like I'm in a neither world. floating lost.waiting to come down. both the kids are coping a lot better as we have moved not sure i like it here ... but i don't know what i like or don't ...