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    Your friends send you hugs, from near and far.
    You do not necessarily need to come down once you are no longer lost.
    Continue floating, but with the new comfort of having found yourself again.
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    Rana---My heart swells for you with varying emotions. Thank you for your bravery and for discovering a personal path for healing. As a healer yourself, you know how precious true healing can be. You have many steadfast supporters here, so never feel alone when you feel challenged.

    Inutero---Your words and your message are both wise and comforting. Thank you for your wisdom and your compassion.
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    Kiran ... you have great wisdom, kind words, a warm heart and I thank you for sharing that with us!!
  5. Kiran's Avatar know you and I have spoken at length over things and you know my heart is always with you honey. I love you and this was a courageous thing to do. You know no matter how it may feel that way at times, you are never alone.

    Inutero.....I am sorry you had to experience what you did honey and that you faced things alone. As with Rana, it is a courageous thing to do to speak openly about such things and it teaches and helps us all.

    I was raped by my own husband as well as suffering violence at the hands of another and so can identify with you both. As long as we choose to continue in this life, it allows not only ourselves to grow stronger, but also allows us to help so many others with the compassion we have gained from our experiences. My heart, love and complete admiration is with you both
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    Thanks Narnia!
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    You two beautiful Spirits - I love you both and it pains my heart reading your stories, and only makes me want to be right there with you ... helping you heal in some way!!

    Rana, dearheart, you are a beautiful and strong Spirit, and inutero is right and very wise, time and talking about it heals a lot of things. You and your daughter have each other, and you both will grow, move forward and forge even a deeper bond.

    Please know I'm sending loving, positive, warm healing thoughts to both you and your daughter.

    ps: and to you too, inutero!
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    Time heals a lot of things Rana. All one can do is learn to cope with the despair, pain and sorrow. You can not dwell on the what ifs. All you can do is move forward for yourself and your children. I know the pain of being sexually abused. I was very young when it happened to me. I tried not to think about it, but I did and I felt ashamed and dirty and there was nothing that could change that. But, I moved forward and I learned to live with it and not let it get the best of who I was. After many years I finally faced the memories and it does make it better for me. I have moved forward emotionally and psychologically. I did this on my own. My battle was mine alone as it was unknown to my family and I never talked to anyone in my family about it. At least your daughter is not alone and has you by her side. She too will move forward and you need to move forward to help your daughter. I'm sorry for what you and your family have and are still going through. I have learned talking about it does help because once you are able to talk about it the healing can begin.
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    Guess we have all been there of late honey, needing reminders....receiving butt kicks LOL - got a big one of those myself this past weekend!! lol Reminding us of who we are and what we need.
    I love you
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    People and their priorities. Backwards. I feel this.
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    Yep.....have to agree dearest. Dramas are going on everywhere right now. If people don't dump/deal with their issues, they are being forced to! Those of us that have been through major 'dramas' in our lives already, are under threat of being dragged into others. We need to step outside of them and just observe. Sometimes, it is our just observe and acknowledge.
    I have been saying for quite some time now I have been feeling this 'sadness'....for about 7 or 8 months now in total. It is the energy is the losses of is the tears of the is us.
    Love you xxx
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    a friend and i decided after work tuesday we would cleanse our auras with a walk ont he beach in town ..we pulled up the work pannts to the knees and walked in the ocean was so nice and refreshing we talked about all sorts of things .. while looking out to the beautiful expanse of the ocean in Lorne .. of course when one makes a concious choice to cleanse .. the aura things can arise as has done with me .. and in perspective is alright i needed the reality check im building some sort of odd cold affecting my eyes with a burning and i have the oddest feeling in my stomach area etc ... ill flow with it and allow my body to speak to me about what it is energetically and spiritually i require to do my homework xx
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    my menstrual cycle is now intune with the moon ..felt very powerful last moon and yes creative .. a deep sense of old ..and some anxiety i couldnt yet place ..even some supressed anger moments.. ive been craving ncertain foods with this ..cucumber , avacado and the occasional sweet .im breathing deeper than before also . spirit activity around me has increased.
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    (((((((HUGS)))))))) xxx
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    the migraine wisdom is filtering in among avariety of emotions,body twinges,energy surges,some insomnia,an increase in my already hyper charge but most rewarding reconnecting to my source within on a deeper level i understand ad remember i now know when my migraines began .... when i chose to close my channelling on a concious level for so may human reasons. . i have this month become in sync with the moon with my cycle .. i didnt get a migraine but experienced everything else building up to it as well as a strong and painful headache. i have meditated upon this last night and i am told it would benefit me to channell on some level at this time ill see what arises. im left with the stiffest of necks today and im a little sensitive and emotional .. which replaced last months anxiety, moodiness and hate everyone feelings and feel sorry for myself as well as demand matts attention and love ( Poor me syndrome) Lorri Evening primrose is blending on wonderfully with this cycle thankyou my dear friend. so ill continue through this amazing time being in sync with my moon cycle as DR. Christine Northrup calls it wisely and connect to my inner wisdom. xxx oh and im feeling alot of LOVE unconditionally in surges xxx
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    Hey honey....Yes the Starflower oil has similar benefits to Evening Primrose Oil so should help you.
    Love to you too sweetie xxxx
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    Hi Lorri and thankyou for your wisdom evening primrose doesnt agree with this system but im interested in starflower (Borage oil) and will enquire into it on thursday when i will be at the health food shop. im feeling a energy release the last couple days as my hormones settle in .. im drinking chammomile tea and also rasberry leaf which i ahve found beneficial. my meditations and affirmations have been a huge help ive found the want for self reflection more these last few days and the need and desire to be alone in silence and on the other hand be surrounded by people ..which highlights the duality of me which is lovely and i remember this Rana . xxxx love to you Lorri
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    Hi honey....I have just gifted that book to my womens group after having it for many years in my collection. I agree it is a wonderful book for anyone.
    One thing I will say dearest, you could try natural hormone balancers (if you haven't already). Things like Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower (Borage) oil...all come in capsule form so easy to take. Both contain the same building blocks - precursors - to the hormones we naturally produce in our bodies. I would suggest taking at max strength (1000mg) at 2 or 3 capsules per day and see how you go. It can take a month ot two to really kick in but worth a try.
    Much love to you Rana.
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