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  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Well done you
  2. Anjou's Avatar
    I'm in. Thank you, my good sir!
  3. Rana's Avatar
    "subtraction and elimination " yep for sure .. on a multidimensional scale .. i like the thought of cntrl +alt+del rory .. oooohhh yeah and soemtimes your little finger just wont exactly reach the delete button in exactly the right way at the same time hee hee .. it is true our ultimate goal is to find happiness and each individual is to attempt to continuously try to achieve this thru elimination or subtraction of the mind stuff that is unique to each being. happiness being the measure of the day so to speak and sadness or negative emotions highlighting the intended lesson set by ourselves before each incarnation to alert us of our karmic lesson.. thankyou dear rory xxx
  4. BlueStar's Avatar
    Aww, I'm so glad that it helped you Thanks for reading and for your comment!
  5. wolfspirit's Avatar
    Thank you so much... What you have said makes perfect sense and would completely help me understand my particular situation at this time.
  6. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for reading guys
  7. Ryan's Avatar
    The wisdom and revelations of chinese texts have always been dear to me. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Rana's Avatar
    what great wisdom ..and how grand is its truth ..
  9. BlueStar's Avatar
    Aww that's wonderful - wonderful that a 5 year old can touch and inspire with wisdom Thanks for sharing and for reading
  10. Rana's Avatar
    ..and with absolute compassion (this the wisdom as told from a mother who was told this by her 5 year old son ) thankyou so much for your wisdom it is all appreciated and relevant to me xx
  11. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for reading my dear friend
  12. Lion Spirit Walker's Avatar
    Truly wonderful. Ty.
  13. Anjou's Avatar
    For what it is worth, global events have become so distressing that I have learned the lesson of turning off the television or radio when the news is too painful to bear and I am powerless to alter it. I also spend less time clicking on news links to get "more of the story." Sometimes a simple, direct headline speaks volumes.
  14. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks guys I'm glad it make some sense and is of help!
  15. Anjou's Avatar
    My stars! This is a magnificently thought out and written essay, and I am not sure that I do it justice with that remark. Rory, your piece hit home in so many ways, yet it gives me much food for continued and future thought. I have printed it and intend to reread it each time I need to tap into its (and your) wisdom. I have a long-established hunger for news (current and otherwise), so your take on its positive and negative effects has my mind whirling a bit---but in the best of ways. Thank you so much for writing and posting this piece.
  16. Rana's Avatar
    yeah im with you ..i totally feel that too.knowledge is power and it is good to watch the ABC and get an accurate up date of whats happening in the real world (not about celebrities and their latest craze) and to be able to be the observer and if able to help in some way by being inspired by something upsetting seen on the news even better.being untouchable through diversity and trajedy. a tool i am to grasp and " hold ". love you
  17. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for reading
  18. Narnia's Avatar
    Wow ... an excellent blog entry!! Thank you Rory!!
  19. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for reading guys! Glad it made some sense. It was a little essay for my blog, I never know quite where (or if) to post them, but I'm glad you liked it

    Yup Lorri, that song used to keep popping into my head. There's deep truth and wisdom to it. I love the feeling I get from it. Very much life: row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream
  20. Kiran's Avatar
    The song Row Row Row Your Boat comes to mind as I read this is but a dream....
    Thank you for sharing and I too prefer the spartan way of thinking/feeling.
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