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  1. Life As Art - Crazy, Authentic Art!

    Still alive! I think...

    Crikey, itís been ages since Iíve written anything for this blog and Iíve no idea why. I suppose I go through introspective phases, where much of my energy is drawn inward and I really donít have much to say or anything especially scintillating to contribute.

    What I energy I have had has been channelled into the writing my novel, of which Iíve endeavoured to write three pages a day. Thatís the ideal quota, although it hasnít always run quite ...
  2. Embracing the return movement

    There are two basic movements in life; the outward movement and the return movement. I believe Eckhart Tolle speaks of this in ďA New EarthĒ. The outward movement roughly equates with the Ďmorningí of our lives and is characterised by growth, learning, expansion, development, acquisition and an ever-widening sphere of influence. We grow to physical maturity, learning all the time, until we enter the Ďadult worldí and embark on a quest of accumulating; gradually increasing our possessions and money, ...
  3. New Year, New Questions

    I hope I'm doing this blog right? Actually i already have a blog which I sporadically update ( in addition to my Tao blog. But I thought I'd post it here as well, just because, because because because! Here is my first proper blog of the New Year, I hope you find it of some inspiration.



    While many people start their New Year with what are invariably ill-fated resolutions, ...
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