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  1. Kiran's Avatar
    Ooh now THATS a scary thought Rory!!! hehehehe More vidoes??? Hmm....I don't think I am as brave as you honey!
    I did enjoy it though and for the record, you didn't witter
  2. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I'm glad it's working. I follow a couple of blogs of folk which include the odd video message and thought it might be fun. It was initially a bit scary, but I relaxed and released...I was maybe a bit too relaxed actually, which is probably why I ended up wittering away from upwards of 10 minutes, haha. Not sure if I'm as eloquent speaking as I am writing, but thought it would be cool for you guys to see me - I am also hoping it might inspire you to do a video message as well!! Would be so cool to see you guys speaking
  3. Kiran's Avatar
    Well done my darling!! Good for you and I love your words...they flow like silk and are so gentle and wise.
    I am very proud of you for taking such a big step and look forward to the next installment!
    HUGS and much much love to you Rory
  4. Narnia's Avatar
    Yep - it is working now!! And thank you for sharing that wonderful and insightful message dearheart!!

    It is so wonderful to see you and to hear you talking!!

    ps: I will add that mantra to my waking morning mantra!!
  5. BlueStar's Avatar
    Is it working now? It is a bit scary doing that, but I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone. If I can do it, anyone can!
  6. Narnia's Avatar
    Awesome idea (which I'll never do .. oh lord, me and cameras ... well, let's not go there!) .... anyhoo, hey sweets I can't view your video ... says something about being private and such ... ?
  7. BlueStar's Avatar
    Hey Rana! Thanks so much for that, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the book. It means so much to me that you guys have invested so much time reading it. I'm glad you were part of my 'shared vision'. More will come, I think. Maybe even the world will be ready for it, hopefully sometime soon, but just whenever the time is right I suppose Lots of Love to you my friend and thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated
  8. Rana's Avatar
    ..hey there friend feeling like its the universal way at the moment because im feeling this way too ..also i ghad to come and say how moved i am by your book ..its awesome rory ! you should be very proud! i can not express exactly hgow it affected me because i have a very unusual way of connecting to books i read many other people hate ..and stare blank when i really love it ..ahhh yes the universe is in constant motion moreso energetically ..orion is in movement this is the cause im sure of many spinning head cant catch the breath stuff ..anyway ill be posting the book back to yo9u this week ..thankyou for entrusting it to me xxx
  9. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks my beautiful ladies I've missed blogging actually. I have many topics I feel ready to write about. Something weird happened when I last logged onto blogspot and realised I now have quite a few followers of my blog. Dunno how that happened, but better not keep my 'audience' waiting too long between entries haha.

    Thanks Lorri, I've missed you too, only just catching up on everyone's blogs. And thanks Polly, I kind of knew you would understand what I was writing about regarding art! We are indeedly artsy kindred spirits
  10. Narnia's Avatar
    Oh Rory! I know exactly how you feel sweets!!
  11. Kiran's Avatar

    I know how you feel Rory...I truly do and so good to see you back blogging here
    Missed you
  12. Rana's Avatar
    limitations .. i like that ! and embracing them ..i like pictured myself as a little super hero cartoon flying in space thru an asteroid storm hee hee ..with my fists out and they break as i touch them .. and at the end the next world ..the one we have all been waiting for the reward (the promise) for all the centuries of incarnating ..finally we will live again in our beautiful world without stress xx thankyou for this blog and its lessons xx
  13. SoulChild's Avatar
    This is Great Blue Star! So far this year has been good....but, I am sort of scattered,...not focused. I got this promotion that I really, really wanted...and now I don't want it so much. I want it to be over! I just feel like I don't have the strength or energy. Maybe because it is new, and I haven't gotten into a rhythem yet. Well, if I get into a rhythm, I will let you know. But, you are so right, I should have had a focus going into the new year!
  14. BlueStar's Avatar
    Thanks for reading guys, glad you find the questions helpful. I keep referring to them myself, they have a way of recalibrating you...keeping you on purpose. It is so easy to get waylaid and lose purpose or direction, or to get pulled into the sheer heaviness of life on planet earth.

    I understand what you mean MysteriousOne! At least I think I do! There are elements I can definitely feel and relate to. What you speak of me reminds me a little of the story of the Buddhist Bodhisattva whose name I'm not even going to try to spell (it begins with A! lol). I'm glad you have a clearer vision of your purpose and I wish you love and luck with it
  15. MystEerieUsOne's Avatar
    What is your theme for 2010?
    One at a time, as I find time. Lost it in space somewhere, I think. <,<

    My "theme" for 2010... Acceptance of myself in what is increasingly appearing to be some sort of universal "assignment."

    I was joyfully climbing the mountain, again and again, loving the pinnacle and craving staying there forever. Everything around me was reflecting that joy, a love I had hoped would remain forever, but then...I took one step too many, and just like Alice in Wonderland I found myself falling through what would have been, for me, a pure joy had it been a mirror, but noooo... It had to be a trap door! How the heck did I ever get myself into this situation?!

    I know, I know... It was my decision to take that next step, but it seems now that it was supposed to happen this way. After all, Tibetan Buddhist monks insist that the "way to go" is not up, but down, way down into the valley, where the little people are, who get bigger and bigger the closer you get to them. In fact, that's the reason for the trap door. It's to remind me that I'm not supposed to be happy all by myself. I'm supposed to be sharing all these extraordinary accomplishments with those who most likely will never be wandering up that mountain in their current lifetimes, except for perhaps an occasional drink from a natural spring.

    So, here I am...having resisted with all I had within me to wonder about "why me?" Now I realize I am supposed to be here, no longer in the joy of all joys I had hoped for, for myself, but yet in another way, it is. I wanted to share my Enlightenment with the world. What's the sense of attempting that in a long distance effort? No, I needed to go straight to the source, where I was needed the most. My beautiful peaceful environment has now been exchanged for a treacherous rugged routine in which every turn is like a blank page I am somehow expected to write upon. Seems it's not enough for others to do their own writing, when what they've written is so far from that mountain that they have no hope for even that occasional spring water refreshment.

    What a task I have at hand! I feel like I'm in the middle of a pachinko game, having to dodge the sharp sting of a boulder whacking at me in every direction. Did they really require me to come balance things out for them?

    Why me?

    Suppose why not me.
  16. Genesis's Avatar
    About this ensamble of questions: Deep and straightfoward and I like how you have it laid out. Nice one.
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