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  1. Stress

    Seems the Universe is reaching out to teach me a major lesson right now. Crap happens and its all about power...power of one person over another. I have decided no more does one person have the power over me anymore.
    I have been under attack via email from someone on one of the committees I am involved with and its thier issues not mine. Not going into the very long boring details needless to say that I have to finally say enough is enough and say what needs to be said. That ...
  2. Changing the Script!

    Well now I have gone and done it!! lol I have decided to grab life by the balls this year and make my 50th year in this present incarnation do something different. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and done two things I didn't think I would ever do....
    I have submitted one of my photographs to a local photographic competition...never have done this before!!
    I have also agreed to facilitate a four week course on alternative therapies in my local community! I am terrified but ...
  3. Can you truly hear it?

    Sitting here at my laptop listening to my beautiful music...Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Il Divo and other classical music...I am reminded that while people listen to external you ever listen to your internal music...the music of your heart?
    Sit and focus in silence....retreat within and listen....go to the core...the very heart centre of your inner being. Can you hear it?
    Can you hear the love your heart is capable of sharing? Of feeling? Of receiving?
    Can you ...
  4. Those who share my journey

    It occurred to me in recent days that we all come across those that we meet that teach us lessons and help us on our way.

    Sometimes we just cannot get on with a person or experience feelings we may not be too proud of at times and yet, we are learning, even by acknowleding that we feel those emotions of anger, jealousy, frustration.

    Other times, we meet those who have such a profound affect on us, we cannot bear the thought of never having them leave our side.
  5. Life

    I have dealt with a lot of bad things in my life that happened as many of us have.
    What has been bad for me may be very little to someone else. I guess we judge what is bad by our own experiences in life so far.
    When we step out of this though and truly look at what is really happening to others on this planet of ours, such as all the people in Haiti at present, is what you are currently experiencing really so bad?
    Have you a roof over your head, food in your tummy and safe ...