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  1. Sounds and senses

    I love expanding my catch 'more' than just the surface sounds. Try it...its pretty amazing for anyone who hasn't done it before.
    Just find somewhere you love to go to in nature...even your own garden will do. Sit and just listen...first to the immediate things you can hear...dogs barking, cars, stretch your hearing to the distance and see what you can now hear...?
    Isolate one sound....its comes with practice but it can be done.
    Now see ...
  2. Its interesting....

    That being guided to step back a little and witrhdraw that things are going mad out there in the real world. I was advised to watch out for Sunday/Monday this week and over the weekend there was an earthquake in the Soloman Islands and Poland lost its President, his wife and many of the government officials and army leaders!!
    Seems like things are going downhill and yet, in the midst of all this tragedy, we are having here in Ireland the most balmy beautiful spring like weather.
    I ...
  3. Sitting Back

    As a typical Gemini, I can be prone to a little giddiness and known to be chatty (yes I am aware of it!!). It seems right now I am being guided to take a bit of a back seat, to observe and go within. My light is still shining bright and while I have external stuff going on, as we all do, I have been looking within and listening.
    My senses have been on overload over the weekend and have been very emotional. I know in part this is to do with my losses and that is ok to feel that but right ...
  4. Sun and fun!

    Hmm...seeing the thread about International Womens Day and the banter that has lead to reminds me that the battle eternal...male vs female is still alive and kicking!!
    Its all good clean fun though!!
    Here we have had a great run of very cold but absolutely beautiful weather! It is clear blue skies, cool, clean air and it has everyone in good spirits. I never mind how cold it gets as long as we have some much needed sun...its gotta be good.
    Ireland, as everyone knows, suffers ...
  5. Full Moon

    Reading Maik's post in another thread about being nuts right now made me chuckle!
    I am so governed by the force of the moon....when its full I am either as high as a kite or down in the depths!!
    It seems whatever the general energy around me is at the time, it is accentuated at this time.
    I am all over the place with my emotions and got an amazing fit of the giggles at 2am this morning over poor Martin having a tummy bug - not funny I know but I couldn't help it!
    There ...