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  1. Journeying

    I am in the process of looking through my book again and as I read trhough it (its been a while since I did) I realised how angry I was when I wrote the first draft to what I have now. I started writing it as a way of dealing with stuff coming up for me while I was going to a Counsellor. So it was only logical that it would be full of hurt, anger and crap! Yep a lot of crap was coming up at the time and yet, as the counselling sessions went on, the book begun to take on a life of its own. ...
  2. Past, present and future

    It seems at the moment I am doing a lot of looking to my past, my heritage and memories. I know this has a purpose, everything does. The main thing is that we do not get caught up in remaining in the past.
    We have many lessons we can learn and grow from by connecting with the Ancestors and our heritage but if we get too caught up in the past, we can become stuck. We will not grow, we will not move forward.
    We have to be able to take what we need and then move away again.
  3. Earth Meditation

    I have felt the need for a number of months now to connect with the Earth Mother.
    I am beginning a meditation today until the Full Moon to help heal the earth.
    I have also felt strongly drawn to places of power...where her energy is strongest. I am going away next week for a few days to join with help her, to heal her and in healing her, heal ourselves.
  4. Reality and Illusion

    Are you awake or asleep?
    Are you dreaming or visioning?
    If you see what you see...
    is it all in your head or is it a vision of reality?
    And is your reality the reality I see?

    Many times I have heard/see/felt things and second guessed myself as to if it was imagination or real. This has occurred since I was a child and as a child, I was told it was imagination. As I am no longer a child, is what I am aware of still imagination?
    Am I living in ...
  5. Drama

    There has been a lot going on for me since I returned home from my holiday. I know others who have been having a little drama going on in thier lives too right now.
    Seems after a huge energy shift recently, this seems to have accented the 'drama' going on for everyone right now.
    There seems to be a few ways of dealing with this. We can either buy into the drama, get caught up in all the crap associated with it. Or we could step out of it, be aware of this going on and just observe. ...