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  1. Memories of Michael

    Michael has been in my thoughts a lot this past couple of days (he is always there pretty much) but even more so of late.
    While he meant something different to us all, I have felt his energy about my home. It is comforting and also sad. Comforting in that I know he is always with us, but sad that I cannot talk with him each day.
    I have no major insights to write or share, just my own thoughts which I need to put down.

    I got to visit with Michael three times over the ...
  2. Mindfulness

    As I sit outside my office having my lunch, the sun shines, the sky clear and I listen to the sounds of the city. The distant constant hum of city sounds that all cities have. An alarm going off be it a car or a business. A drill from the nearby car shop going. Car horns, engines and brakes screeching as they do when its been a long dusty spell.
    And then I turn my gaze skyward. Clear, pale blue, cloudless. The sun shining brightly for all its might! Three seagulls circling overhead, reminding ...
  3. Vibration Changes

    It seems as well as loud noises really irritating and grating on my nerves, the ringing in my ears (that high pitched noise/whistle) seems to also be increasing.
    I know some schools of thought say this is a sign of vibrational change, or shifts in energy. Its kinda driving me a little crazy now to the point I am getting a little irritated.
    This combined with Mercury being in retrograde which is leading to accidents/mishaps and miscommunications, sheesh!
    Think its time to find ...
  4. Increased Volume

    As the energy shifts and changes around me I often find that it seems to affect my hearing the most. Sometimes I find things so quiet, I have to strain to hear them. This is ok with me as I prefer the quiet. it gives me time to retreat inward and reflect on what is going on.
    At other times, like today, it seems the volume has been turned up!! It appears every little noise is heard and working in an office with 9 other people, all talking behind me, copiers and printers going, does have ...
  5. Positive vibes

    I met with my ladies last week after having had a break for a few weeks and we have had 5 new members coming along to join us.
    The ladies finally decided on a name for the group after a year of meeting - Positive Vibes!!
    I love it!!
    They all spoke and introduced themselves to the newer ladies and added a bit about why they come along....they were all so positive and supportive, it brought tears to my eyes.
    After having had a low couple of days myself, we ended the ...
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