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Mr B
December 22nd, 2014, 11:58 AM
Looks like we have to wait a bit longer for a new Enigma album and something we have seen coming for a long time now.:

Michael Cretu has been sentenced to six months in prison and has to pay a fine and the costs.


The translation below is done with Google translate but i didn't edit it so it a bit of a mess:

j. ll. f. | Ibiza The Supreme Court yesterday upheld the acquittal of former mayor of Sant Antoni Antonio Marí Tur for the crimes of which he was accused environmentalists GEN by the granting of planning permission mansion musician Michael Cretu, Santa Agnčs, which was finally demolished. The high court rejected the request to review the decision issued earlier this year by the Provincial Court and upheld that decision with regard to Marí Tur considering that did not commit trespass. Instead, the Supreme agreed to increase the costs of the only person convicted in this case: the Cretu own.

The Provincial Court of Palma had determined the amount of litigation costs for Michael Cretu in fifteenth of the total of these costs (payment of attorneys and other formalities litigation), but the Supreme declaring "surprised" by the reasoning used in the Balearic sentence. In summary, the high court notes that the Court erred in calculating the percentage payable Cretu, it would have used a wrong and more favorable to the offender method.

Therefore, the judgment partially supports the use of GEN and imposes costs Cretu about one sixth of the total, instead of the fifteenth. Environmentalists demanded a fifth. To this must be added the fine imposed on Cretu in his day, 30 euros a day for twelve months: 10,800 euros in total.

In contrast, sees GEN rejected his claim to condemn Antonio Marí Tur. Referring to the existing case law on fraud (intentional) in the commission of a crime, the Supreme GEN states that "attempts to open a hole in the stony doctrine", but without success. First, the court holds that the documents used by environmentalists' as a mere excuse to reopen the debate "not serve to modify the judgment. "There are documents showing the error of the court," he says.

Moreover, 'the Board has come to the knowledge that the defendant acted convinced comply with the law by approving the license; if it were not so, but that belief was mistaken. " Remember the Supreme there can be no transgression of public official to an "error condition" since the offense 'means acting knowingly "of illegality committed.

The high court also considers that the actions of Antonio Marí Tur "does not reach the stage of deliberate ignorance reports were requested."

Thus is confirmed the judgment of the Provincial Court acquitting Marí Tur and his Councillor for Planning, White Castiella, offense of breach of trust planning. The municipal surveyor, Miguel Ángel Martí Miralles, was also acquitted, as the architect of works, José Torres. Cretu was sentenced to six months imprisonment, fines and costs.

December 24th, 2014, 05:23 PM
This is, indeed, sad news, from many angles. Thank you for letting us know.

December 31st, 2014, 03:15 PM
This is crestfallen news indeed!!

And it strikes me as a completely wrong way to have handled this whole situation!! I can only hope that our beloved MC will find an extraordinary amount of strength and pull through with shining colours, and give the World the best Enigma album yet!!

Sending positive vibes to Michael Cretu!! :two hearts:

In the wise words of Lion Spirit Walker .... 'All with Purpose'.

February 10th, 2015, 09:22 PM
This is ridiculous, with all the terrible crimes that are committed in the world, poor MC gets sent to jail? Strange, ridiculous and sad