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Mr B
May 26th, 2013, 12:40 AM
The real story and lift off of the Enigma project began in 1990 when the single Sadeness (Part I) was released. The song was the first of four singles from the project's first album MCMXC a.D.. Sadeness itself became a international smash hit that reached the number one spot in 24 countries, the top ten in other countries like the U.S. where it even made number five on the pop chart and number one on the dance chart.

"Sadeness" was written by Michael Cretu (under the pseudonym Curly M.C.), Frank Peterson (under the pseudonym F. Gregorian), and David Fairstein. The lyrics are in Latin and French; the Latin text includes a quotation from Psalm 24:7-8. The Extended Trance Mix from the CD single contains some additional French lyrics.

The Gregorian vocals were mostly taken from the 1976 album Paschale Mysterium by the German choir Capella Antiqua München with conductor Konrad Ruhland, specifically from their track "Procedamus in pace! (Antiphon)". The vocals were at first used without permission; a lawsuit followed in 1994 and was settled by compensation.

The song was named "Sadeness (Part I)" on its single release in Germany, and "Sadeness Part I" on its single release in the United Kingdom and Japan. It is a sensual track with an insistent beat based around "questioning" the sexual desires of Marquis de Sade, hence the German release name of "Sadeness", as opposed to the English word of Sadness.

It was followed by a pseudo-sequel named "Mea Culpa (Part II)", which was a moderate commercial success compared to "Sadeness (Part I)".

Info source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadeness_%28Part_I%29

Let us remember and celebrate the birth of Enigma with the video of Sadeness (Part 1):


Lion Spirit Walker
May 26th, 2013, 07:00 AM
Good and appreciated information Mr.B. Thank you for sharing it.
p.s., Good Song.