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Mr B
May 26th, 2013, 12:19 AM
I thought it would be a nice idea to create a thread in which we can post our story on how we got in touch with Enigma for the first time. So let me kick off:

It was back in 1990 when i had my first girlfriend and we were watching TV at her parents home. I believe Top of the Pops that came on and showed the video Sadeness from Enigma as newcomer of the week. At first we found it a bit strange, Gregorian chants as intro and had to laugh, then the beats kicked en and we got to hear the famous flute.

Some weeks passed by and somehow Enigma had touched me ever since that video we've been watching. I listened to the radio a lot where it was played often and saw the single climb in the charts. So i went of to the store, bought me the vinyl single, went home and had a closer listen to it with my headphones on.

When my girlfriend came to visit me i played the single. Again she had to laugh about it but the funny thing was that she bought the whole album herself shortly after it was released. I didn't know about the album MCMXC a.D. release at all so i was very surprised when she played it for me and recorded it on tape so i could listen to it on my walkman. We both, especially me, were hooked on it from then on. Later i bought the MCMXC a.D. Limited Edition myself which has this awesome hologram on it. I never got hold on the original first release though.


A few years later, when i started to moved to my own flat/apartment, we went shopping for furniture and took a break at a music shop. She went on and took a cd she wanted to listen to. After a few minutes she asked me to come and have a listen too. The sounds i heard were amazing and i asked her what kind of artist that was. She showed me the cd cover and i couldn't believe it... it said: Enigma 2 - The Cross of Changes.
I grabbed my wallet immediately and bought the cd.


From that time on i knew i was a full time Enigma fan and always will be, keeping a close eye on new releases.

Now i'm curious about your stories. Feel free to share them.

Lion Spirit Walker
May 26th, 2013, 06:43 AM
While living in California (US), I was listening to MTV while working on an art project. I heard the music of 'Principles Of Lust/Sadness' begin to play on MTV. I was immediately pulled away from my work to see who this was that I was listening to. I remember sitting on my sofa completely drawn into this video that was playing. It stirred my senses from the beginning. When the song had finished airing the title and artist, I pulled myself together without hesitation. I walked to the music store (which was good about carrying new releases on CDs) and purchased ''MCMXC.AD'. I thought it was the best music I had heard and listened to it so often that my best friend asked me to give it a rest as it reminded her of being in church (LOL). I respected my best friend's request, but still listened to it often when she wasn't around. Shortly after, we took a trip to Cancun. And aside from SCUBA diving, we kept hearing the music being played everywhere we went. I was in heaven. :)
I still have the original CD I had purchased and still listen to it often. And the music still has the magic that it did so many years ago.
Each new Enigma release since has had a special, unique impact on myself. There is certainly nothing else that moves me like Enigma's music.


May 26th, 2013, 03:11 PM
Oh these first encounters with Enigma are so beautiful! Thank you!! :two hearts:

I'll share mine sometime later on ....

June 5th, 2013, 10:36 PM
I was 12 when Enigma released MCMXC a.D..

It was an Indian Summer kind of day in early October of 1990.

My sister was in high school at the time. When she came home from school that afternoon she had with her a borrowed copy of Enigma's release album MCMXC a.D. and she said to my Dad and myself, that her English teacher shared this music with her class today and that 'you've got to listen to this new band called 'Enigma'.

So, all three of us shuffled into the coolness of the dark living room which was made entirely of wood; the living room also housed the stereo system.

In went the tape of Enigma's album MCMXC a.D. ..... the now infamous sound of Enigma's flute wafted into the coolness of the room, I felt my body being lifted and caressed by the sounds ... I fell instantly in love! seconds later I knew Enigma would be in my life for the rest of my life from that moment! Enigma cast its spell on me that day and has brought me here and now.

Enigma fused itself to my core 23 years ago and I adore each album. They're always close by and often my companions when I paint in the studio.

Thanks to the internet, www.enigmamusic.com and the former EMB, I was able to keep tabs on Enigma. I joined the EMB in Sept 2007 of its twilight to have a chance to be part of the rare MC Interview opportunity and upon joining was welcomed into such a great online community I found myself being enchanted yet again and since then I have had made many wonderful and very dear friends of whom I hold close to my heart.



June 9th, 2013, 07:46 PM
My initial memories are sketchy. I do remember hearing Return to Innocence when it first came out and I was struck on how unique it is. Most chart music bored me and disinterested me and I wasn't really aware of alternative music back then (no internet and v limited radio stations!). It wasn't until 2000 that I came across Enigma online while browsing on Amazon I think. I was intrigued by the artwork and when I listened to some samples I recognised Return to innocence right away!

I bought the Cross of Changes, and loved it. A few months later I bought The Screen Behind the Mirror, their most recent release at the time, and then MCMXC aD and Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! Enigma opened me up to a whole new universe of music.