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December 10th, 2012, 07:39 AM
So a very misunderstood thing is transformation through ego death. The realization that though your body may break, your soul will live on, damaged, but stronger than ever before.

Being a scorpio I would like to attempt to put into words the hard to grasp and even harder to explain fascination with darkness we feel, the devotion and attraction to our worst fears and most traumatizing pain. I hope this can help some people umderstand why some people tread through darkness with a fearless, curious gaze, like a child in the jungle before attacked.

Why would one scared out of his wits
plunge with eyes open into the abyss?
without anger
or sadness nor fear
would one dunk his scorched flesh
into salt
with no tear?
Why, you must wonder
-for it makes little sense-
would one tread past the comforts
of innocence?

Amongst the Earth
and within our souls
lurks the darkness of pluto's
where the elegant bliss of innocence
is snatched from a delicate child
in a hell filled with sadists
spilling blood, killing and running awild.
That deathly cold pain;
a snake in the rain,
which slithers hither, there and about
but resides
in the deepest, darkest trenches of our minds.
The ones who hear its painful screams
and run from fear around the mist
fail to percieve
it as a being;
all the darkness once light,
and can lose or gain
through hug or fight
its ever so sinister hiss.

You may say,
"I won't enter,"
but darkness will come.
Black storms will dissenter
the temporal dawn,
drowning life's light to dusk.
In the end of days
when fire sprays,
when darker grow the shades of grey,
lose your will
to tread on.
Remember the pain you've risen from
and how resilient from each
you have become.
Invoke knowledge of gloom,
clear composure of glum
-and through all-
remain as one.

The darkness may kill you
or lead you astray,
can burn you and freeze you
and throw you away,
'til life's light
is submerging into the void
deeper and deeper
every day.

But if your determined
and if you survive,
if fearless through night
toward light you stride;
once you've witnessed the horrors of death,
you'll never have felt so alive!
You'll gain the knowledge
most fear to know,
which those who do
can never show.
Future pain may draw a tear,
yet darkness holds
no longer fear.
In fact,
although it holds their demons,
some cuddle close
and hold it dear.
For they've tasted enough blood
and tears from their pain
to realize
the principle laws of this game;
the dark and the light are of the same kind
fighting for rule of the coin,
but light's spectrum's alive!
If the path it is on instills despise,
it'll change its mind;
without a thought,
betray its side,
setting the ice

Where light shines brightest
one should fear,
for from that only black will come.
Yet where night resides,
one has a choice
to crush one's fear and spread rejoice!
Darkness is light turned inside out,
longing to refill its hallow.
The light shines brightest in the night,
but where light lies the dark will follow;
we'll have spurts of joy to drown our sorrow-
'til the day and night are one.

I've suffered and felt
the blazing hell
of any shadow who's shown its face,
because though I can run,
I can't escape;
the dark will come,
it's simply fate.
So I've ever slowly learned to heal,
because to all
this pain is real.
I seek the souls with eyes of night,
surround them with bright specs of light,
and dance away their will to fight,
so at last I may truly relate.
The leer of evil
which spreads with death
can burn to death
our precious flesh,
yet our souls,
though crushed,
will live on....

Our path will reach
the climactic peak
of our heart felt dedication
if throughout our journey
others offer light
and reset our eyes
to the destination.
The dreams of love and light
could be real
if we were heart to heart
and face to face,
if all felt what all others feel,
all of our pain could be erased.
-RAR lll

December 10th, 2012, 12:19 PM
Hi there skaterdude ... welcome to MW.

Being a Scorpio myself, I can certainly sense the intense flirtation with darkness in your post.

Life is a delicate dance between the Dark and the Light ... and depending which way you dance dictates which partner you allow yourself to be lead by.

May you dance in the Light.

God's Toy
December 10th, 2012, 08:39 PM
Welcome To MW!

I like your words and how you used them. Be free, wild and open to the answers that are all around you, you need only ask.

I hope you enjoy our home, your most welcome to it.

December 18th, 2012, 02:59 PM
Hi Lilskaterdude, welcome to MW! Really cool to have you here, I do hope you'll stick around. Powerful, provocative poem!