View Full Version : Dragons Fire Moon ~ Full Moon Energy Scope ~ Oct11-2011

October 12th, 2011, 12:15 PM
By Quantum Goddess Of Light

This full moon falls in aries. This full moon is about clearing old anger, toxins and frustrations and those areas that have us breathing like a dragon and dishing out the fire. It is time to apply that rage to fruitful action.
Like the aries the dragon is about strength and primordial power. As aries are born leaders so is the dragon and the key this full moon is to follow the fires of change. We are all one leader and one student it is now to witness this and realize there is no need for dominance when we are all the same. At the same time it is also time to submit to change and let yourself be the experience instead of letting yourself try to control the outcome just be and let what is be.
Aries is also transiting Saturn in libra giving a calming influenceto the transcendence we give to areas needed of stress, frustration ,and the areas of depression we have come to feel after a midst of cataclysmic change in recent months. Our immaturities and old ways of acting from egoic belief are giving insights to where we need to cleanse ego and let go of old out dated ways of acting and thinking. Giving away to unconditional acceptance of allwith no desire to change what is.
The ancient dragon is the symbolism of great wisdom and changeand this full moon is giving the electromagnetics at our disposal to work this energy where we need too. Now is the time to rise and roar and let the chaos drive you to order in ways you never felt possible. For this is the dragon moon and like aries the dragon is primordial catalyst of fire and this catalyst is now able to be wielded by all of us where needed for great change . For that is what is at our midst these next two weeks and we can flow with the fire and apply it to all areas needed for change and watch before our eyes the birth of truth rise from the ashes of chaos among us and give way to serenity.
This moon will find you at deep impatience with things and at your wits end. But then again at peace if you can transmute those old root s out fromthe veil of ego's illusion and transcend them. Saturn in libra gives old ways new wise avenues to open from old paths no longer comfortableto walk. that's not to say that which is uncomfortable is not the right way. perhaps you just have to look at it in a different way. This fullmoon is about perplexing us and it will do so or try. But those with photopic vision glasses on will see right through these detours and make the most of them with a fiery wake left in their midst.
The fire of change is calling us home to use this primordial fireto further balance and cleanse ego and realizing after a fall who"you " are and seeing "you". the time for absolute rejection of all the old "you " is now giving way for unconditional love and unconditional acceptance to all with no desire to change anything just letting what is be what is. It is also teachingus that lower energies are part if the quantum verse and can not be ignored or escaped and wanting us to witness that any lower energy or dark can be a catalyst of change it self when worked to break its old way.
Fear breaks fear and ego cleanses ego. They work inunison and this neutral call is being called to us andwanting us to hear that without one vibe the other cannot work.They are one in unison. For there is only one energy. Now is the time to do clearing where needed and letting the fire of the dragon and primordial wisdom let the fire burn to a cinder and feel the ashes and let that ash be the seed of birth upon your being in deeper awareness and true nature of being falling into nothingness of being and rising to feel everything true nature of being is. Thereis no win or lose battle in ego, only cleansing and balance.
Now sun Saturn in libra gives us tremendous integrity and strengthis expressing our being and it will be the fuel of patience as we engage in our massive clearing this full moon and over the next week and a half till the sun enters scorpio. We are witnessing ways for deeper unconditional love of others and self . For self that unconditional love falls in taking responsibility for our being, whether we were neglecting ourselves or an action toward usthat was unhealthy in the sense that it was hurting us or lowering our vibration.
This aspect is also teaching us to be patient and comfortable inplaces or energies we may not have been previous and expandingour unconditional acceptance of all and what is . We are under a deep cognitive therapy from the quantum verse and this area isgiving us the ability to do so with loving patience and tolerance with what soever we are given.
Mars, in opposition to the Neptune Chiron conjunction , on the cuspof the Pisces Virgo axis. Mars's energy combined with the compassion of Neptune and the healing of Chiron can get us moving towards the realization of a higher ideal in our lives and the world we live in. so for areas of work in our daily lives we are also being opened up to change as we have felt much turbulence here over sept and much of this first half of October now.We are being called to a change in our lives where our daily work is in line with our true nature . All this healing is taking place so we have our hearts open to manifesting our true meaning for our physical earth vessel. Now is the time to align our hera line or our true purpose forbeing here with mother earth. The earth drum is sounding .Follow your heart and manifest your dharma.
The Mars, Jupiter, Pluto Grand Trine will be in effect for most of November so the excitement triggered by this Full Moon could last well into December and the coming eclipse season. Sofollow the rapid change with the fire of the dragon and wild mars energy as all is favored by Jupiter although it will notbe easy , this change is where you are meant to be.
The mercury venus conjunction in Sagittarius also including north node which is retrograde has our higher spiritual wisdomworking overtime with surprise change on the horizon in your connections with others and seeing how and what can be workedand how as we apply change to ourselves yet apply unconditional acceptance to our connections with others . Though this changewill be slow to manifest it will in simultaneous time, and yes even the ones we find intolerable we to need apply love after all that'swhat unconditional acceptance is, loving all, even that which youfind repulsive ,loving that too. Loving even the murderer for exampleas much as you love your own sister. And yes it can be done. It is inyou now waiting to be resurrected. Nothing is impossible.This is Sagittarius taking us to deeper flight.
Saturn is conjunct Neptune and Chiron and giving us energyto form primordial ideas in the now and apply our greatest and oldest wisdom in new ways upon mother earth. What a beautiful energy.
In the coming days we also have other aspects to make note of mercury in libra will trine Neptune in Aquarius giving us an ideal time for creativity and have it flowingas a serene river flows through the silent forest. Do enjoy this bliss.this will also have you drawing healthy boundaries for others orthose whose energy you can't stand but yet give you waysto lovingly and compassionately deal with them.
Discernment is also heightened by this phase. However,if you are at a place already where discernment is at it's height each day this will not have much effect upon youralready strong frequency in the oneness stream of consciousness.
Venus in scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn giving us anenergy of ability to deepen our close relationships now.So if you and someone you fancy are getting close this can now be taken to deeper level or simply let it flow there and watch the beauty unfold before your eyes. This energy is about letting yourself be whisked away by spirit. Let the spirit of oneness drive you to where you should be. Given this energy also makes it easy to be your true self without ego getting in the way. This area will bode well for all areas of your life you wish deeper levels and connection, heart,others and all connections.
Mercury will enter scoprio oct 13 this will be a time ofunearthing the old secrets and going to shadow roots, so what comes out of subconscious here benefits if transmuted now and transcended. This is a time for deep healing and deep inner communication with self.
This will be an energy that wants you to communicate with yourheart and set anything that is not in alignment with your being orin balance to be set right now and clearing any inner hidden agendas or any the ego may make you "think" you have and lifting the veil above the illusion and clearing it. It is also understanding that we must live on past experiences and seeing that we are still here. Even though in our past we may have been hurt its time to go on living as if we have never been hurt and love all and everything as we have never been hurt and just be. Being the experience and letting the experience be us in oneness. As that is the way of spirit.

Mercury is in Scorpio and trine Chiron in pisces this same dayoct 13 and has us again with self talk and healing and has usrealizing we are more in control of things than we "think" we are .Where the ego had us trapped in a certain area we can now break free of its illusion and see where the guilt was really manifested from and seeing it is only a catalyst for deeper wakefulness . As ego cleanses ego we balance manifesting that "clear thinking" we enjoy again out from the fog.As we do this compassion and empathy grow and thisis this energies lesson for us this full moon. You maybe a role model to others in this way or someone to you also this aspect.
Venus in scorpio is opposite Jupiter in Taurus thenext day and all these energies have a plus or minusfive day radius. So do feel what is at work. This aspectis all about where our desires fall on a material plain and where clearance is needed. Especially if one has become an obsession, habits need to be broken and especially if they inhibit your ability to live without them or cognitively function without them. The time for transmutation is now.
Obsessions falling here can be under compulsive spending or sexual desires.So do look and see if something is not healthy for your being or takes away allyour money. It will require balance or all together elimination. It would be good here to keep track and write down thoughts if you don't already do this on anyordinary day. So that those thoughts geared toward material need can be transmuted or those of egoic need of ego's id desire mechanism.
Juno is in libra is giving us ability to be open and non-judgmental in all connections as we connect deeper with others and ourselves.We are opening up and allowing our wisdom to flow as the feminine is not afraid to show her emotion at the same time giving a divine unison of resonance to all connections at this time.
So let the fire of the dragon burn all the old and let the fires of pastbe a light path of omnipresent scintillation as the chaos leads youto order and deeper unconditional love this full moon. For the dragonis bellowing divine change. See the beauty in the fiery flame. Let the ashes be seeds . Watch those seeds grow out of your transcendenc eas you transmute those old roots and let the primordial dragon gazeinto a fiery abyss of eternal summer. For this full moon is about the finite meeting the infinite in all its glory and letting the primordial dragon spirit forever shine in omnipotent glow within you and around you.