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July 23rd, 2011, 08:29 AM
Finally, this day is over. Megan told Crissy. The past week had been pathetic for Megan; she had wanted to get rid of school as soon as she could. It was not that her teachers had given her a hard time, because that was the last thing that could get on Megan’s nerves. A boy had transferred from Arizona and he always gave her the chills, with the cold stare of his piercing eyes.

You are just upset because he did not fall head over heels for you, Crissy teased her.

Shut up! I would not care to bother what he thinks about me. Did you look at him when Becky called him Criss, he was all, ‘It’s Christopher’. I mean which century is he from?

Alright, girl! You don’t have a thing for him. I believe you. Crissy winked.

Whatever. Just be ready at 8 tonight for the party. I’ll come pick you up.

As the clock struck 7, Megan put on her best dress and got ready for the party. She was glad that she would be away from that ‘cold boy’ for atleast three days now. As she stepped out of her house, something rustled among the bushes. She got startled but ignored it thinking it must be some animal. She got in her car and with full volume drove away.

She reached Crissy’s place several minutes after and honked the horn loudly. The house was dark, which was peculiar because she was sure she had told Crissy that she’ll be picking her up at 8. Megan got restless and frustrated so drove away.

She reached the party and was ready to give a piece of her mind to Crissy but she could find her nowhere. Not bothered anymore, Megan hit the punch bowl. After about four drinks, she spotted Christopher and walked to him. She held his hand but immediately pulled away. His hands were ice cold. Megan stared at him, and saw him smile for the first time. But she could not say that it was a usual happy smile. Instead, it was a grin.

She could feel his eyes piercing through her again. He came close to her and whispered, “Crissy is not here.” Megan dropped her jaw and froze. He was still there, close to her, she could feel his cold breath against her skin. That is when he handed her a piece of paper and silently whispered “666”. With that he was gone, and Megan blacked out.

She regained consciousness, the party music making her head throb. She got up and remembered what had happened but she was not sure anymore whether she had just imagined it or was it the alcohol making her hallucinate. But then she felt something in her wrists. It was true, she stared down at the piece of paper, 666 it said. “CRISSY!” Megan screamed and ran out of the door.

Her hands trembled as she tried to get the keys in the ignition. She drove as fast as she could. All she could think on the way was 666, what could that mean. Her car screeched as she pulled at Crissy’s driveway. She was screaming her name as she banged the door. But no one answered. She picked up a flower pot and broke the window of her living room. “Crissy, are your there?”

Tears of fear rushed down her eyes. But she kept moving. There was no answer. She could hear water dripping from the first floor. She slowly stepped on the stairs and went to Crissy’s room. The door squeaked open and Megan could smell a faint stench. She called out Crissy’s name once more. Still no answer!

Slowly Megan opened the bathroom door and switched on the light. As soon as the room lit up, Megan gave out a shrill scream. She saw blood on the shower curtains and on the mirror was scribbled in blood, 666!! Megan could not move as she stood there crying.

She did not want to know what was behind the curtain. But she knew she had to. She moved and pulled the curtains. And there lay Crissy, drenched in a pool of blood. Her dead, senseless body deformed in the bath tub. Her head had been turned backwards and her dead eyes gave Megan a piercing stare, just like Christopher’s. Megan fell on her knees, she cried and cried. Then suddenly she heard the door slam. Her heart leapt and she looked around, but no one was there.

Megan got to her feet and started running down the stairs. As she struggled to open the door knob, something caught her by her hair. “666”, he whispered in her ears. Megan knew at once, the cold hands and breath. It was HIM! “Please don’t do this. Why are you doing this?” He threw her across the wall and said. “You know what day it is. It’s 6.6.06. I made a promise to myself; on this day would be my 666th kill. So guess what, you are the lucky one.”

Megan started running and hid in the living room closet. She could hear him saying. “Come out; come out, wherever you are. I don’t like to chase my prey Megan.” Her heart was beating so hard, that she was afraid that he might hear it. She sat very still, not making a sound. Then the door knob turned and the door swung open, “Peek-a-boo. I see you!” and he stabbed her, right in her stomach. Megan fell on her feet; she could feel her warm blood against her stomach. “You know why I turned her head around Megan? Because that is how damned souls are and that is what all my preys are. You are the beast Megan; this is your number, The Number of the Beast, 666.”

With that he twisted her head backwards, till she could breathe no more!

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