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August 8th, 2010, 04:36 PM
When I first saw the "WOW" signal, detected on August 15, 1977 by Dr. Jerry Ehman at SETI, I *saw* an image that could be plotted out graphically, into a curiously related object.

The signal was "believed to be of extraterrestrial origin," and with nothing else like it happening, it was dubbed the WOW! signal.

SETI has never been able to figure out what the signal, 6EQUJ5, meant.

Using the physics of Conscious Enlightenment, :Buddha: , I plotted/graphed the signal to have a "hard copy" of what I immediately noticed when I first saw it:


Intriguing, huh?

I contacted SETI a couple months ago to share with them the above, and received an email from them asking for an image resulting from my graph. I sent it to them, asking them to please comment.

Coincidence? That's all I asked.

They haven't yet answered.

So what do you think? Coincidence???? :haloweencat:

Stephen Hawking on WOW!


August 8th, 2010, 05:20 PM
How did you go about plotting such a graph from this data ?.....6EQUJ5
Very Interesting..

Lion Spirit Walker
August 9th, 2010, 01:08 AM
It is very interesting. Tyvm for sharing it Myst.
If by chance you do get a response, pleaseeeeee share.
Peace. ;)

August 9th, 2010, 01:23 AM
Im so very curious that there are 18 Dots on this graph which add up to 9 ...
and we all know what 9 Represents also....Still in amazment

Lion Spirit Walker
August 9th, 2010, 02:46 AM
I also noticed the count. 9 is also my birth number. Hmmm.

August 9th, 2010, 06:20 PM
It's one of those things that's soooo easy it can be seriously overlooked!

But I noticed the *intensity* in the *middle,* relative to its left and right (the *ends*), with a dominant projected right, just over left's lesser projection.

Given that the universe is a system of opposites, reflection, reversibility, founded upon frequency><intensity, with mathematics a higher form of communication than language, and language a representation of manifestation, etc... this really complex-appearing "code" is as simple as...well, One that can be overlooked for that very reason. Just as in life itself!

But it has the foundation of physics truth within itself.

If an alien civilization wanted to intentionally send a message, and actually hope to be heard, surely it would be one that's easy enough to figure out, but holds within it volumes of shared truth.

So, simply invert the letters into their corresponding alphabetical placement math, then collectively find the middle way of each, resolve within left and right opposites, and... there it is!

666...the Mathematics of Consciousness!



Lion Spirit Walker
August 10th, 2010, 07:52 AM
I see. Tyvm for that. It's as simple as the nose on our face, always there but often over looked. ;)
Personally I prefer 9. And the square root of 9 is...

August 10th, 2010, 02:49 PM
In a multi--dimensional universe, the 18/666 includes the 9!

The math is a reflection of what the brain is doing, how it is processing its own reflection.

Nine = realized balance within>shared<realized balance without.
Eighteen is the reflection of the reflection.
666 is translucence.

"666" is perceived by much of convention as "the antichrist" / "the devil" because that is the label unconsciously projected onto Consciousness, which would, if realized, redefine how one would perceive "the christ."


Lion Spirit Walker
August 10th, 2010, 11:25 PM
I do appreciate the additional thoughts and completely agree with the multidemension universe, without doubt.
Regarding the numbers specifically, they are exactly that. An abstract manmade structure of meassure. They could also read as 'a, b, c, d, etc.' Or '...., etc.' Or ////, etc. And on it goes, limited only by the imagination of the user/users.
That such an abstract concept is being expressed in the form of a signal originating from places other than Earth... Well, obviously that is of real interest.
With regard to a religious (any religion) significance to any number, is simply the making of humans.
Lol. playing a bit with numbers, I found a slight chuckle when I realised just now that this is the 9th reply to the thread. ;)
Peace and much respect.

Lion Spirit Walker
August 10th, 2010, 11:30 PM
I am appreciating this discussion and the information provided. And thank you Myst for having created this thread. Very appreciated.
Off topic, yes. But a truthful expression that I bellieve deserving of a seperate post. ;)

August 11th, 2010, 03:54 AM
Thanks M1

August 11th, 2010, 05:27 AM
Little by little, (we) are arriving... ;)

August 18th, 2010, 03:45 AM
Conventional aircraft design reflects a linear assumption of reality and, hence, limited directional movement and speed. It's meeting/creating its own resistance, in other words.


By contrast, the more a spacecraft reflects the Universal Physics of Truth, the more nonlinear it will appear...and behave! Hence, circular, and with it, extreme speed...similar to the speed of falling through a wormhole!


It's all about alignment with truth and translucent dissolution. Time, space, timespace and spacetime all dissolve into each other, so there is little in the way of resistance. Hence, enormous speeds and directional freeflow.

:two hearts:

Lion Spirit Walker
August 21st, 2010, 02:05 AM
I suspect objects such as the one in this image would fit the bill. It's size is over 240 miles in diameter. Food for thought, eh?

April 19th, 2011, 06:00 PM
Just recently saw the immediately ^^^^ above photo in a documentary on TV, on one of the ufo shows or something, presented in a serious context.

Speaking of which... I am still VERY intrigued by my discovery of the SETI "WOW!" signal's being able to be decoded into not only the illustration I discovered (pic posted in opening first post, which also presents itself in more complex form, as well, that is also really intriguing!), but also the reality that the nonlinear mathematics and Universal physics Truth are also all contained within that simple illustration. Even the 72 seconds that the signal lasted is nonlinear Consciousness mathematics (the same math that also reveals relativity, etc)!

What are the odds of all this happening? Could it all actually be simply coincidence? What are the chances of that? :ohyea:

Just as in life itself, the truth is simply present, yet next to no one notices!

An alien society interested in communicating with planet Earth WOULD most likely send a signal that would be ~ simple enough ~ (and attention-getting enough) in its nature for the intended receivers to (hopefully) be able to detect, yet would also hold within that simplicity the SHARED, recognizable *higher Consciousness/mathematical Universal truths leading to *higher technologies,* etc., *higher* evolution, *higher* modes of communication, and this signal has it all!

Just found this on youtube:


Really cool, cause it reminds me of my childhood growing up with a huge radio from the "olden days" (about 4 ft high, wooden, lots of neat buttons and dials) that gave out all sorts of incredibly intriguing static-like signals and whistle-y squeals (often sounding like I was picking up ships way out at sea, all around the world), and I could spend hours turning those dials, pushing those buttons, perfecting getting a distant signal to come through clearly and consistently, exploring what the "language" of all that *noise* was actually communicating. So this stuff here is "right up my alley!" :dance:

October 28th, 2011, 06:32 PM
I never did hear from SETI, even though I again wrote to SETI (to the head of SETI often seen on TV documentaries - Seth Shostak) to send my findings and ask for a reply.

Reminds me of the movie, Contact, when everything then suddenly gets shoved under a rug...but not my rug! :P

If a signal were actually to be received, it would MOST LIKELY be a simple-enough signal that could be deciphered, and yet one in which the physics of Universal truth for all (including the senders) were hidden inside, as my finding clearly shows! :)

November 5th, 2011, 05:05 AM
If I'm not mistaken, the SETI "WOW" signal is actually the radio signals received by the bi-polar jets coming out of the respective galaxy's center ( it might even have been the Milky Way; can't remember where the scope was pointed). Also--and, again, if I'm not mistaken--they received this signal more than once when they continued to test this oddity and discovered its consistency when pointing it at which ever galactic center they were observing.

-Ryan :gandolf:

November 5th, 2011, 08:00 AM
There are no coincidences. Only parallels/superimpositions. ;)

November 17th, 2011, 04:07 PM
I would like to update my post because my information was a bit off:

The SETI "WOW" signal (otherwise known as LGM, or Little Green Men) was initially observed as an extraterrestrial event because of its mathematical precision; however, the same signal was observed again a few months later from the opposite side of the Universe that the original signal came from. It's not impossible, but it's highly improbable that two civilizations from opposite sides of the Universe tried to communicate with Earth at nearly the exact same time using the same signal.
In reality, LGMs are observational evidences for Neutron stars. These stars emit radiative bi-polar jets; and, during periods of instability, begin to wobble. This causes one of their jets that faces Earth to appear to "pulse" (given the name pulsars). An easy way to see this is if you held a flashlight in your hand above a sheet of paper and began to "wobble" it in a rotational manner, allowing the light to hit the sheet of paper at specific intervals.

--Ryan :gandolf:

God's Toy
November 18th, 2011, 07:35 PM
Just wanted to say I love this thread. Well done :)

Have the SETI@home project on my Computers for about 10 years now if not more and love being part of the 'hunt' for those little (or big) ET's.

November 18th, 2011, 07:45 PM
The point I am making here in this thread, with 6equj5, and the point that I have spent a long time trying to make, to (and about) scientists, is that the answers they are searching for can be found a lot sooner, and in a much easier but equally legitimate manner, through Consciousness/Enlightenment. It's the last place they wanna look, which is why it is taking them so long to find them!

What scientists are assuming they are discovering for the very first time ever has all been accessible to anyone and everyone who has been Enlightened all throughout humankind! As I have been pointing out in the Nag Hammadi thread, *even* Jesus had access to the information. All the stuff he was saying was rooted in the *realization* of Universal Core Physics! He looked like some magical mystery tour guide to the folks at the time, and to billions since, simply because they have all dismissed the truth when it was staring them right in the face! The information, the entire foundation of Enlightenment, is based on the realization of the actual physics the Universe is using/doing, consistently overall, and over (within and without) all time and space, the very same physics that has been *realized* for thousands upon thousands of years!

To *even* know to say what Conscious, Enlightened people say, is to draw from that realization of the Universal Core physics that couldn't care less what humans try to do with it...it remains totally undaunted whether humans want to name their search "Christianity" or Buddhism or Sufism or Shintoism or...hard core "science." It is all the very same thing, just with a different label the seekers have placed on their projections. Science and scientists, of ANY kind, have no special or distinct, privileged immunity from Universal Core Truth! "Science" is simply a label they put on their journey, which is no better than any other label. One could also say the same about "Enlightenment" and Consciousness, because when it all comes down to the Core of it all, the center of it all, or whatever label anyone wants to put on it, the answer is always going to be the same answer.

Physicists and other scientists have been so put off by any suggestion that philosophy, which they assume cannot be measured, reproduced and/or proven, could possibly hold the answers they need. Yet now they are realizing that life is a lot more interesting than their linear projections have convinced them all along. They've needed eveything they do to exclude themselves, but the universe just doesn't work that way.

So, now that they are running into themselves, they are trying to save face by claiming that their findings are all new and previously undiscovered, by putting labels on their findings that they hope will continue to legitimize the reputation of rigid science.

Scientists are always looking for the answers to a nonlinear universe using only a linear approach and methodology. This is why I always say that science is the study of AFTERmath, in trying to teach them how I have detected in the NONlinear physics such things as just about every detail of September 11th, 2001 two years before it manifested (officially documented, recorded, etc, by the authorities themselves and obviously ignored!), the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing, many more of those, the demise of both space shuttles, earthquakes, hurricane paths, and on and on and on... Not one iota "psychic," I am simply Conscious of the nonlinear physics that the Universe is using. I mean, talk about weird reality, as I've said before, "even Pennsylvania was no accident" on September 11, 2001! The Universe *already knew!* So did I! So, linear science is science too/two late! Notice the math!

In a nonlinear universe, everything is already said and done. What quantum physics assumes is that everything's an accident, that there is no rhyme or reason, a linear assumption with no way to truly know what the future holds. What they are unwittingly measuring is life itself...as in Unconscious life in search of itself! In nonlinear reality, it is all rhyme and reason, all already said and done. Life appearing to quantum physicists as unreachable, forever getting smaller and smaller, is a reflection of their own brains zeroing in on Enlightenment, which requires a dissolution of all time and space, a refining of the Now until *even* now appears to disappear. They are chasing Existence, in an attempt to capture non-Existence!

Teleportation, telepathy, precognition, string theory...6equj5! Aliens r us! :smile1:

Or, them!! :angst:

So, there are no coincidences. There are no accidents. Everything is in place for a reason, a mathematical reason, (the "reason"-ing of Universal Core physics, which is a series of very persistent patterns of energy that relent for no one, not even scientists or Enlightened Ones), and so it could easily be "predicted" that a signal detected in one place would also have to reflectively be realized in its inverse! (Darn thing musta teleported!) See how the two becomes the one without anything in between?! :p Further, that very same signal in each of those two places would have to have their inverses, as well. And there is soooo much more to it, but if scientists naively dismiss what seems to them to be worthless information, even when suggested to them by someone who is fluent in nonlinear realizations, they've only reacted in such a way as to hold themselves, and their "science," back from accomplishing precisely what they are hoping to accomplish.

There are very important reasons why the 6equj5 signal can be reflected in the diagram above. When they dismiss it, they unwittingly dismiss thousands upon thousands of years of realization as well! That picture's worth a billion words! Clear back to the beginning and beyond! There are an awful lot of answers, of Universal Core physics truth, not-so-hidden in that diagram, staring right at them, and left, two/too!, and for them to laugh at it (so typical of the attitude of Seti folks so often seen in documentaries!), and toss it aside is to see their own reflection in a mirror and dismiss it from being their own!

December 2nd, 2011, 07:59 PM
You say scientists can produce the answers to their questions through the easier and “legitimate” way of Consciousness/Enlightenment, but those two things are non-measurable—relatively speaking—which is the core of what science actually is. Regardless if you or I think that those two variables are legitimate, science has defined itself in a particular way for a particular reason. It is the measurable that counts in science because it is the measurable that is observationally consistent in explaining natural phenomenon, leaving no room for speculation in the origins of any particular natural law.
Also, scientists are not put off by the idea that philosophy could hold the answers to their universal questions—in fact, philosophy is nearly what sciences like M-theory and Psychology are. It should be noted that scientists don’t discredit philosophy either; they just simply stick to their guidelines of empirical evidence so that they can produce answers in which, as stated above, there are no speculative doubts.
You say that scientists are looking for answers to a nonlinear universe through linear means—but that isn’t entirely true; Obviously, there are parts of the Universe that are linear, and it is the linear that scientists work with; otherwise, certain theories would not work or produce consistent results. Again, scientists do not discredit nonlinear and philosophical answers to the machinations of the universe; they simply work with what they can measure, and as of today they are only able to measure the linear. However, if the core of consciousness and enlightenment could be measurable, scientists would jump at the opportunity to be able to observe the universe through those means—but they simply cannot do that in a definitive manner, because one person’s experience when interacting with the universe will always be different than another’s.
You mentioned that Quantum Physicists claim that everything is an accident, that there is no rhyme or reason to the cosmos, and that there is no way in predicting the future: They have claimed no such argument; what they, and every scientist before them, “claim” is simply “this is how we believe this particular phenomenon to work because that’s what our measurable evidence tells us.” If you notice, there are very few Facts in Science—it is predominately theories. Also, the random patterns of the universe are only mentioned through evidence observed in the very small, not the Universe at the very big. In fact, the Universe at large seems to be quite structurally sound BECAUSE the universe appears to be random at the quantum level. And as for predicting the future of the cosmos, according the M-theory, anything and everything has/will happen.
Many statements you have said are relative. That is to say, only you could know what it is you know and feel as you interact with the universe. The laws in which the cosmos works—or the way in which they appear to work—are different for everyone, and I cannot credit (but nor do I discredit) much of what you’ve said because it is simply “non-measurable” (for lack of better words) on my part. I will never know what it is you are feeling are know, and you will never know what I am feeling and what I discover as I grow with the Universe.

That's my two cents. For what it's worth. :7hit (1):

-Ryan :gandolf: