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  1. Please take a moment to sign this letter by Archbishop Tutu
  2. SIGN UP FOR EARTH HOUR! (Sat 28th March)
  3. Please sign this petition
  4. Free Aung San Suu Kyi
  5. Feed starving people by clicking a button
  6. Free Rice - fun website!
  7. Help stop gay people being tortured & killed in Iraq
  8. Be the Change.
  9. Stop the Idaho Wolf Hunt (Please sign TODAY)
  10. The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism
  11. Urgent: Dog Slaughter Set to Begin Tomorrow - Help Stop it
  12. Help stop cruel euthanasia practises in animal shelters
  13. We did it! China dog cull averted!
  14. Macabre medical experiments on children, women, minorities and prisoners (1845-2007)
  15. Planet's population exceeds 6.5 billion - is it more than we can sustain?
  16. A complaint free world
  17. Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  18. Procui Quis Sumptus Vestri Animus?
  19. Bring back Abbey Crunch
  20. one of my crazy ideas :) "Vortices"
  21. Historic Trauma Theory
  22. All animal lovers please take action now
  23. World AIDS Day
  24. Thanksgiving in the USA
  25. A Simple Truth
  26. I take the vow
  27. Mass extinction imminent?
  28. Make a Difference!
  29. Amazing speech of a War Veteran
  30. Help stop the Canadian seal hunts
  31. Encourage Responcible Pet Adoption
  32. Uganda
  33. Stories of Grace
  34. Oprah Talks to Thich Nhat Hanh
  35. So What Did You Do???
  36. Give Polar Bears A Chance
  37. Donate to help animals affected by the oil spill
  38. It's official: the best way to save the planet is to stop eating meat!
  39. Help with the Gulf Oil Spill and Support the Arts at the same time!
  40. Don't let them re-legislate commercial whale hunting
  41. What Products are Made Using Petroleum /Oil
  42. UK peeps: please act to stop the Hunting Act being repealed
  43. 40 billionaires pledging most their wealth to charity :)
  44. Join the Vitual March against animal testing!!
  45. The Girl Effect.
  46. Annie Lennox Sing
  47. Spirit Day
  48. The GREEN Thread :) Old electronics / e-waste /
  49. Kiva
  50. Save the tiger petition
  51. December 1st World AIDS Day
  52. Please sign this to help save 200,000 seals
  53. Join the Fish Fight
  54. Self-published books: discrimination against
  55. Doctors Without Borders.
  56. Earth Hour 2011
  57. Stand Up
  58. Seeking advice regarding medical waste
  59. No Hidden Agenda...
  60. Stop long animal transports
  61. Occupy Wall Street
  62. Positive excercise
  63. World AIDS Day 2011
  64. WOA! World Overpopulation Awareness
  65. Pray for Tibet
  66. Global Coherence Initiative
  67. Re-wire your Brain! Be Positive, Be Happy!
  68. Natures fibres
  69. Help Tell Apple to get its act together
  70. Child slavery in our chocolate? Demand answers!
  71. 'Esoteric' websites & forums to be BLOCKED in the UK!
  72. AUTISM awareness matters
  73. Why Gorbachev?